"Global line of women's beauty products manufactured from animal byproducts."
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Max Renda is a cosmetic company in the HD Universe.


The player can buy company stock on the website. Several of their adverts are also seen around Star Junction in Algonquin. Max Renda are also one of the sponsors of Liberty Rock Radio, as well as CNT program I'm Rich. By 2013 they appear to have branched out into men's products, advertising "manscaping" with a heavily made-up male model.



It appears to be a play on real-life cosmetic company Max Factor.

The name of the brand is a play on 'maximum rendering', the process of generating high-quality imagery using computer graphic software.

The building in Los Santos is based on 206 North Rodeo Drive, part of Two Rodeo in Beverly Hills which is occupied by Westime and Vertu stores.

Mission Appearances

During the events of Grand Theft Auto V, the Max Renda store on the corner of Rockford Drive and Carcer Way is undergoing renovations and is used to get to the rooftops over the Vangelico jewel store to case the robbery and can be used again to throw the BZ Gas Grenades during the heist. After this mission, the interior of the building will be inaccessible for the rest of the game, however rooftop access can still be achieved via aircraft which allows access to the interior of the tower.

Blueprints found on the rooftop were re-used from the FIB Building but these were changed in the Enhanced Version to a more generic blueprint.




  • The model from the "Midnight Oil blusher" advertisement is also featured on the cover of Vain magazine in GTA V. Her eyes are also used on the walls of the renovation site in Rockford Hills.
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