"All I'm saying is that we'll all be judged in the end, all of your brothers ...and you, Patrick. And you, Kate!"
―Maureen McReary to Patrick McReary and Kate McReary in Harboring a Grudge.

Maureen McReary (Irish: Máirín Mhic Ruairí) is a minor character in Grand Theft Auto IV.


Maureen is the elderly mother of Derrick, Francis, Gerald, Patrick and Katie McReary.

Through and through the struggles of the family, she is intent on keeping them together and instilling Christian values - every Sunday she would take her husband and children on a picnic after church. When Gerry went to juvenile hall in 1986, she ritualistically still set a place for him at the table, until her husband was drunk and angry and threw the plate against the wall.

She is well aware of her sons' criminal activities and also believes that her late husband is "in hell". Patrick seemingly dislikes being under his mother's wing at times, but is really loving towards her, and cares about her deeply. At the end of the "Revenge" storyline, Patrick comforts her after Kate's murder, and mentions to Niko that he is all she has left, since Francis or Derrick is estranged/or dead depending on which brother is shot in Blood Brothers, and Gerald is serving a prison sentence, although Packie himself departs from Liberty City and heads towards Los Santos by 2013.

LCPD Database record

First Name:Maureen
Place of Birth:Ireland
  • N/A
Criminal Record:
  • 1950 - Accessory to Murder
  • 1961 - Harboring a Fugitive

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