"— Master Sounds FM.
— The only place you can hear the original before it got sampled and some jive turkey started chanting over it, and not paying any royalties. Hey, where's my bread, man?
— When you're done stealing bits, gangsters?
— It's all about Master Sounds!
— Master Sounds 98.3
"The world's smallest giant, Johnny Parkinson, takes you on a musical, spiritual and sexual journey with a sound track of nonstop classics. The giants of soul, rare groove and just a little classic funk, hosted by the giant himself. Remember, height is not a number."
―GTA San Andreas Website

Master Sounds 98.3 is a radio station in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, hosted by Johnny "The Love Giant" Parkinson (voiced by late Ricky Harris), it plays rare groove, classic funk and classic soul.


Master Sounds has a noticeable older sound than the other radios in the game, it has a more rustic, raw funk than what it is heard in Bounce FM or CSR 103.9. Master Sounds could be meant to be an "oldies" or "classics" station, its name being a reference to the master recordings which hold the original tracks from whom the copies meant to be sold are created, and the rare grooves it mentions refer to obscure and hard-to-track songs like those in its playlist. Many of the acts featured in its playlist are a big part of the history of funk.

The station seems to be the choice for casino ambience, as all the songs that play in the casinos are played in Master Sounds.

The station laments that "the '80s not only costed our integrity, we also lost the groove" but it assures "they're bringing it back". It also criticizes rappers, as quoted above, because they sample these classic funk tracks without paying royalties to their authors. In fact, all the tracks in its playlist have been sampled by hip hop acts or have covers that are more widely known (there are even songs on the other radio stations in the game which sample these), and as such the playlist can become a sort of "history lesson". As its host says, "they are on a mission to spread this groove".

Its host, Johnny "The Love Giant" Parkinson is a short guy with a Napoleon complex, and a pimp. He thinks high of himself and gives himself such nicknames as Mr. Love, Mr. Dong-Dong and Big Daddy. He treats women in a womanizing way and makes many sexual comments boasting of his supposed sexual abilities. However, he is bossed around by his mom, even when he's working on the studio.


* - This song is missing from the re-released versions of the game.



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