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This article (or section) refers to content in the Enhanced version for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC release of Grand Theft Auto Online that may be absent from other versions.
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For the penthouses added in the Executives and Other Criminals update, see Apartments.

The Master Penthouse is a purchasable property featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of The Diamond Casino & Resort update. It can be purchased on the website for Diamond Casino & Resort.


The Diamond Casino & Resort offers the protagonist a purchasable penthouse that comes in three different packages, with each consecutive package granting additional rooms within the penthouse. The player may also choose to "build their own" penthouse, where they pay a base price of $1,500,000 and can then add rooms for an additional fee.

Purchasing the Penthouse will add $500 to the daily property utility charge. Each additional expansion will add a further $100.


Visit your new Penthouse in The Diamond Casino & Resort

Wonderful, wonderful. Congratulations on your purchase.
Your penthouse is divine, wait until you see it, you won't regret this.
Come by and head up, and I'll meet you there and show you around. Happy day.
— Tom Connors

Once the penthouse is purchased, an introduction cutscene is played upon first entry. The protagonist is seen entering the penthouse and looking around. As they enter the living room, they are approached by Agatha Baker, who tells them it is wonderful that they have purchased the penthouse. Soon after, Tom Connors enters the room and asks Agatha if she needs any help with Mr. Cheng. She replies that she doesn't, but agrees to Tom pouring some champagne.

She then tells the player that Tom is the person to speak to if they need any advice. Tom says he is happy to oblige and that he must show the protagonist around their new home, but as he's about to pour he is interrupted by noises coming from the bathroom. He asks Agatha if she is sure she doesn't need any help, after which Tao Cheng, who is evidently high on drugs, is seen storming into the room while imitating an airplane. His translator follows him into the room, clearly distraught by Cheng's behaviour.

Agatha introduces Mr. Cheng to the protagonist, telling them he is the owner. She tells Cheng they have sold the penthouse to the protagonist, after which Cheng hugs them. The translator explains Cheng's current state as being attributed to the large amounts of stress because of his uncle, and so rehab, in turn, hasn't worked out so well. Quietly urging Tom to continue pouring the drinks to try and make the situation less awkward, Agatha starts telling Cheng about another aggressive phone call she has received from Avery Duggan after Cheng had apparently been rude to him, and adds that the takeover is becoming hostile. After this, Tom serves the champagne but Cheng just takes the bottle to drink from.

She then continues to explain to Cheng that the Duggan situation is not good for business and that if Avery is serious, he is not above blackmail. Still higher than a kite, Cheng does not listen to her and instead kisses her on the cheek and leaves the room, followed by his translator.

Agatha levels with the protagonist: Cheng's uncle is a 'Kowloon murderer' and made it clear that he is going to kill them all if the place fails and they bring disgrace to his nephew. Agatha and Tom then say the real problem is Duggan, an asset stripper, who knows their current financial situation and wants them to sell him the casino at knock down prices, but not before destroying the casino, penthouse, and Agatha's career. After this, she welcomes the protagonist to their new home and leaves, with Tom also leaving. The cutscene ends and the player is free to explore the penthouse.

New Contact
Ms. Baker
Hello, this is Agatha Baker. I just wanted to say welcome, again, to the Diamond Casino and Resort family... it's a little dysfunctional, but I'm sure you'll fit in just fine. We should talk in person - soon. I'll be in touch.
— Ms. Baker's follow-up text
Ms. Baker will be in touch soon.

Though not mentioned or touched on, with Agatha's number added the player can now call her to request Casino Work, which can only be started while leading an Organization.

After some time passes, Agatha will call the protagonist to explain their current situation in detail. She says that the casino is in trouble, as the rebuild went over budget. The new debt came from the Texans, who now want to take over completely. She says that if they do manage to purchase the casino, every contract will be undercut, including the protagonist's penthouse. She tells the protagonist that if they want to help, they can come see her at her office, as there has been a development. She adds that if they choose to help and things go well, there could be a significant dividend in it for them. Visiting her office by Table Games starts the first Casino Mission, Casino - Loose Cheng.


This is the greatest blank canvas money can buy.
— Design Your Own description


The Master Penthouse is divided into many rooms, some of which are only accessible if they were included in the purchased package or if they were selected individually when designing the penthouse. The base penthouse includes the entrance hall, a bedroom with a bathroom, a living room, a wardrobe, a door leading to the roof terrace, and an elevator with access to other areas, such as the casino and penthouse garage. Alongside the base rooms, a total of eight additional areas can be purchased. These are:

Extra Bedroom
We all have that one friend. And with this expansion, they'll have somewhere to crash that isn't your bidet, and with access to their personal wardrobe they won't have to keep borrowing your clothes.

For $200,000, an additional bedroom can be purchased. It is located next to the living area, and includes two beds, a wardrobe, and a bathroom. It allows other players to change their clothes.

Home just doesn't seem like home unless you have ten hypercars in a well-guarded basement.

For $900,000, a 10-car garage can be purchased. It can be accessed via the elevators in the penthouse and casino, as well as through the garage door located on the south side of the building, next to the car park.

Lounge Area
The bespoke additions to the penthouse of your hot, wet dreams begin here. Your Lounge Area features a bar and dining facilities as standard, and enables you to add five other expansions to your suite.

For $400,000, a large lounge area can be added to the penthouse. Other than the main lounge with sofas and drinks, it also includes a small dining room, as well as access to other purchasable rooms. The Lounge Area must be purchased if the player wants to include any of the following five rooms.

Sometimes you need to take care of business, but there's no reason you should have to leave the lap of luxury to do it. All of our Offices come with a gun locker and a hidden safe as standard.

For $200,000, an office can be added to the penthouse. It includes a computer, which only gives the player access to the internet, as well as a gun locker and money safe, similarly to the Executive Offices.

Media Room
Never again will you have to suppress your gag reflex as you rub shoulders with the general public in the cinema. In addition, you'll be free to enjoy Don't Cross the Line on the big screen with friends.

For $500,000, a media room can be made accessible. Shows and films can be watched, and players can even play Don't Cross the Line.

Your private Spa comes with a round-the-clock personal stylist and a hot tub infused with extract of jojoba and a dissociative anesthetic.

For $600,000, the player can purchase a spa, which includes a personal stylist and a hot tub. At this stylist, all options are free; however, contact lenses, face paint, and update-added hairstyles must still be purchased at barber shops.

Private Dealer
A private table for blackjack and Three Card Poker with the best view and the most deferential croupier in town.

For $1,065,000, the player can opt to include a Private Dealer, where they can play blackjack and Three Card Poker.

This is not available for players from countries in which gambling is prohibited by law.

Bar and Party Hub
Why go to a night club, when a night club can come to you? The most exclusive venue in town is the one where you're in charge of the guest list. Two exclusive arcade games come as standard, with a choice of two styles.

For $700,000, players can add a large room to the penthouse, located at the southernmost part. It includes a bar with the same options of drinks as other bars, such as the one inside the casino and the ones inside Nightclubs. There are two arcade games available, Invade and Persuade II and Street Crimes: Gang Wars Edition. There are two different arcade cabinet styles to choose from, with the only difference being aesthetics; the Retro Arcade Cabinet and Ultramodern Arcade Cabinet. They each have their own description when purchasing the penthouse:

The only sin is understatement. if you need a winning formula, or just a winning hairdo, the 80's have got you covered. This is one for the purists.
— Retro Arcade Cabinet
You arrived in your driverless car, you're wearing next year's line from Didier Sachs, but the only thing on your mind is beating your high score.
— Ultramodern Arcade Cabinet


In the hallway, there is a telephone which the player can use to phone Tom Connors. A selection of services are available and the following is a list of all services with their in-game descriptions:

  • Acquire Chips (The Cashier can complete this transaction with the cash in your account. Please note that the Cashier does not accept Shark Cards for Chip purchases.)
  • Members Party - $20,000 (Set up a private party in your penthouse for your fellow casino members.)
  • Valet Service - FREE (Ask the Valet to collect one of your vehicles from your Penthouse Garage)
  • Champagne Service - FREE (Order a bottle of champagne to your Penthouse to add to your inventory)
  • Cleaning Service - FREE (Request a member of staff to clean your penthouse)
  • Casino Limousine Service - FREE Travel in style to a location of your choice within Los Santos or Blaine County.)
  • Aircraft Concierge - $200 (Request a helicopter)

The "Members Party" and "Cleaning Service" are only available if the penthouse includes the "Bar and Party Hub" area, as the former option starts a party there. After a party, the penthouse will be disorganised with large amount of litter on the floor, as well as spilled alcohol. The latter option can be selected and a maid will clean up the penthouse.

  • The penthouse will also become disorganized over time when the player is inside it, even if there isn't a "Members Party" taking place.

Other Options

Penthouse owners get an additional option in their Interaction Menu, titled "Penthouse Management". Here, they have the option to invite other players to their penthouse and an option to place decorations.

There are three other options which can only be selected if the player owns certain parts of the penthouse. They can choose the game type for the private dealer (either blackjack or Three Card Poker), change the arcade cabinets type between retro and ultramodern, and choose their hot tub clothing for the spa.

Daily Fees

The most basic penthouse is the default starter option of the Master Penthouse, or for convenience the "Crash Pad" preset package, at $500 per day. There are eight additional rooms (including the garage), each of which is an additional $100 per day, except the garage which also counts as a room, so this is a combination of the room fee and Garage Mechanic fee at $150 per day.

Purchasing all the rooms (or choosing the "High Roller" preset package) is a maximum of $1,350 per day.


There are three preset packages available for player convenience, which has rooms, pattern, and color scheme already chosen for one-click purchase but can be fully modified to the player's choice before buying.

Crash Pad

If you're going to crash, crash in style.
  • $1,500,000
  • Master Penthouse with default settings only
  • Color: Timeless
  • Pattern: Pop

Party Penthouse

If life is a party, this is the venue.
  • $3,776,500
  • Extra Bedroom, Lounge Area (Spa, Bar and Party Hub)
  • Color: Vibrant
  • Pattern: Art Nouveau

High Roller

This is for the kind of player who only needs to make one bet: all-in.
  • $6,533,500
  • All rooms, most expensive options
  • Color: Sharp
  • Pattern: Imperial


Customisation options
Option Image Price
Floor Plan/Optional Extras Master Penthouse
Lounge Area
Media Room
Bar and Party Hub
Private Dealer
Extra Bedroom
Colors Timeless
Patterns Pop
Art Deco
Art Nouveau
* Applied by default. Cost only applies when reverting back to these options.


A selection of decorations for the penthouse can be purchased with Chips in the Casino Store. The available items rotate each week, needing four weeks to rotate through the entire selection. Once in their penthouse, the player can use the "Place Decorations" option in the "Penthouse Management" section of the Interaction Menu to place them. In this menu, players can also purchase them if they haven't done so in the store.

After choosing this option, a list of rooms where various decorations can be placed will be shown. The available options are: Master Bedroom, Entrance Hall, Spare Bedroom, Lounge, Dealer Room, Media Room, Office, Spa, and Bar. Apart from the first two options, all others are available only if that area of the penthouse is purchased.