There's a mobile data center disguised as a black truck pulling private information out of the air. Why do you care about this? Because it's creepy! You're going to put the truck in the hands of a man who only wants to make money off it - me. Not creepy at all. Oh, and watch out, it'll be protected
— Description

Master Data is a mission in Grand Theft Auto Online given to the player by Lester Crest. It is available from 1 to 4 players.


The team has to steal a black Mule from a storage unit in Banning. The Mule is being guarded by Los Santos Triads. Once the guards have been cleared, two cars, both with four Triads in them, come to try to reclaim the storage until, one from the North-West, one from the northeast.

Once they have been killed, the team then must search the storage unit for the Mule (the Mule itself will not show up on the radar, what will show up on the radar, however, is the area that needs to be searched) and once they have found it, the team must drive it back to Lester's warehouse.


  • The Mule will always spawn on a dock in the South-East of the storage unit area
  • The Mule is being blocked by a semi-truck carrying a tanker of RON gasoline. If you want to leave as quick as possible, it is recommended one member of the team drives the truck, whilst another gets in the Mule so, once the Phantom is moved, two members of the team can leave immediately in the Mule.
  • Similarly, if the team is having trouble finding the Mule, they can look out for the truck to help them find it, as the Mule will always be behind it, blocked by the tanker.




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