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This article is about the mission in Grand Theft Auto V, for the item of clothing, see Masks (clothing).

Masks is one of four missions the player must complete in preparation for Blitz Play in Grand Theft Auto V. The mission can be conducted with any of the three protagonists: Michael De SantaFranklin Clinton, or Trevor Philips.


Using Michael, Franklin, or Trevor, the player drives to a clothing shop at Vespucci Beach. The player must buy three masks to use during the heist. All three masks can be identical.

Mission Objectives

  • Buy three masks.

Gold Medal Objectives

  • Face Time - Purchase all masks within 20 seconds.
  • Cliche - Purchase a white hockey mask for each character.

Video Walkthroughs


  • "Face Time" may be named after Apple's video conferencing app.
  • "Cliche" refers to how prolific the iconic hockey mask is, appearing in the opening scene of Heat, Friday the 13th, and GTA Vice City's heist The Job, among many other examples.
  • The Vespucci Movie Masks shop will become available for all the protagonists after this mission.