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Mary-Beth Maybell is a country music DJ for K-Rose in the game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. She is voiced by Riette Burdick.


Mary-Beth has married at least six times, and her marriages have ended with her husbands dying gruesome deaths; with her taking part in most, if not all to secretly gain their wealth. One of her supposed husbands named Billy Wright was killed by her while she was driving a combine harvester and ran him over. According to one of her commercial comments, she mentions that she prefers elderly men with weak health and large life insurance accounts. During another commercial break and answering a call, one caller by the name of Brother Albert Cunningham berates her for her music and the deaths of her husbands and wishes she was living a miserable life instead of a wealthy one. She wears either pants or dresses, as she mentions wearing them interchangeably as well as mentioning the fact that she wears bloomers. She also has numerous children and broadcasts from Bone County. She is never seen in person, only heard on the radio.

During the course of her frequent marriages, she managed to give birth to 9 children, some of which are going through puberty (Mary-Beth mentions one of them "going through a natural transition to womanhood"). The weirdest of her stories about her children came when Mary Ellen (probably the oldest of the 9 children) was born on a pool table and the players kept on playing. Mary-Beth is also said to be heavy-set, which she reveals after Juice Newton's "Queen of Hearts" song. Mary-Beth's surname may come from "Mother" Maybelle Carter of the Carter Family, although she implies this may not be her real surname.

Mary-Beth appears to be concerned about the gang situation in Los Santos as at one point early in the game she can be heard asking why the different gangs can't just get along and enjoy life's pleasures such as sex.

The six body-bags found in the Mass Grave are rumored to contain the dead bodies of Mary-Beth's six deceased husbands.

In Grand Theft Auto V, Maybell is one of the featured celebrities on the Vinewood Walk of Fame.


  • Oliver: Death unknown
  • Billy Wright: Death by combine harvester


  • She can play a harmonica with the use of flatulence.
  • She owns a truck, however she does not say what model it is.
  • After Hank Williams' "Hey Good Lookin'", Maybell says that what she has “cooking” is some “spousecide”, another reference to her supposed murders of her six husbands.