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The name's Chonks. Marty Chonks. I run the Bitch'n Dog Food factory around the corner. I got money troubles, but hey, who doesn't, right?
— Marty Chonks to Claude.

Marty Chonks is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who appears as a one of the mission giver by payphone in Grand Theft Auto III. Marty is a serial killer and the owner of the Bitch'n' Dog Food business.


Early Life

At some point prior to 2001, Marty married his wife Mrs. Chonks (who is having an affair) and operated the Bitch'n' Dog Food Factory in Trenton, Portland Island, Liberty City. It is during this time that Marty ran into financial difficulty-- owing to his bank manager demanding higher interest repayments on his loans and his wife's extravagant spending. He also hires two thieves to burgle his home in order to collect on the insurance.

Events of Grand Theft Auto III

Marty Chonks, in an effort to sort out his financial trouble, eventually employs Claude to transport various people to his factory, and then destroy any evidence in the car, while Marty himself kills the people and turns them into dog food. Victims include his bank manager, two burglars and his wife, Mrs. Chonks. Marty then sends Claude to get Carl, who had been having an affair with Mrs. Chonks, who Marty believes he can overpower. Carl brings a shotgun and kills Marty, saying that he's there to take over the business. Claude has the opportunity to kill Carl after the mission, and see Marty's dead body before it disappears.

Murders Committed

  • Marty's bank manager - Murdered for stealing a share of Marty's earnings.
  • Two thieves - Murdered so they would not be able to inform the police that he had employed them to break into his house.
  • Mrs. Chonks - Murdered due to her lavish spending.

Prominent Appearances in Missions

Grand Theft Auto III



  • Marty is the only phone mission giver in GTA III without a dedicated radar icon and whose missions cannot be replayed.
  • Marty, Mrs. Chonks and Carlos do not have unique skins in the game. Instead, their skins are the same as common pedestrians.
    • In the Definitive Edition of GTA III, because they are using pedestrian skins, these characters have the ability to appear wearing randomised variations of their default attires (e.g. Fedora or baseball cap for Marty).
  • The missions that Marty gives are a spoof of the 1989 romantic crime drama "The Cook, the Thief, His Wife & Her Lover". The missions are entitled The Crook (the bank manager), The Thieves (two burglars), The Wife (Mrs. Chonks) and Her Lover (Carlos), although the movie ends with the wife killing her husband, as opposed to Marty killing his wife.