Marty Boldenow is, in 2008, a criminal based in Liberty City who is wanted by the Liberty City Police Department for gang related violence. He can be killed by Niko Bellic.

Prominent Appearances in Missions




  • He is a member of the Skinheads.
  • He has the word BUNX tattooed on his forehead which is either the result of a prank or an odd decorative choice.
  • The 'BUNX' tattoo is likely an easter egg/reference to Lars Frederiksen of the American Punk band Rancid. Lars Frederiksen has a tattoo on his forehead that says 'SKUNX', which is the shortened name of his crew 'Skins, Punx and Drunx', reinforcing this theory is the fact that Marty Boldenow dons a hairstyle and fashion choice similar to Lars Frederiksen in the early 2000's.
  • Incorrectly, his location is stated to be in Westdyke, while he is hiding in Acter.
  • He uses a Rocket Launcher during his Most Wanted mission, being very skilled with it and the player will be likely shot when confronting him in a vehicle. However, he will drop the RPG and instead use an AK-47 when the player approaches him closer. He only has 1 rocket so using a Stockade or an Enforcer will not blow up the vehicle, but may severely damage it.


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