Marty Boldenow is, in 2008, a criminal based in Liberty City who is wanted by the Liberty City Police Department for gang related violence. He can be killed by Niko Bellic.

Prominent Appearances in Missions




  • He is a member of the Skinheads.
  • He has the word BUNX tattooed on his forehead which is either the result of a prank or an odd decorative choice.
  • The 'BUNX' tattoo is likely an easter egg/reference to Lars Frederiksen of the American Punk band Rancid. Lars Frederiksen has a tattoo on his forehead that says 'SKUNX', which is the shortened name of his crew 'Skins, Punx and Drunx', reinforcing this theory is the fact that Marty Boldenow dons a hairstyle and fashion choice similar to Lars Frederiksen in the early 2000's.
  • Incorrectly, his location is stated to be in Westdyke, while he is hiding in Acter.
  • He uses a Rocket Launcher during his mission, so be careful. He is very skilled with it and might hit your car with ease when arriving at the location. However, if you come close he will drop it and starts using a AK-47. He only has 1 rocket so using a Stockade or an Enforcer will not blow up the vehicle, but may severely damage it.


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