For Martin Madrazo's residences, see La Fuente Blanca and Martin Madrazo's house.

Martin Madrazo's lock-up is a collection of buildings located on an un-named dirt road just to the north of La Fuente Blanca, appearing in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online. The lock-up only plays a role in GTA Online, where it is often used as an alternative to his mansion for larger items the Online Protagonist must deliver for Martin.


The main lock-up shed is a run-down timber structure, ironically with no door to lock. This building has a fenced yard to the south (large enough to hold two Buzzard helicopters). There is an open shipping container, a grain silo and another inaccessible smaller building and windmill to the north.

Events of GTA Online

After the player gets contacted by Martin, some missions given by Madrazo require the player to visit this location at the start or end of the job.

Events of GTA V

The lock-up does not appear an any scripted events and is occupied as a working farm. A Fieldmaster may spawn inside the shed.

Mission Appearances

GTA Online


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