For Martin Madrazo's main residence, see La Fuente Blanca

Martin Madrazo's house (also known as 2884 Hillcrest Avenue[1]) is a stilt house located on Hillcrest Avenue in Vinewood Hills, appearing in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.


The house was constructed by a French architect named Tueton for his Finnish mistress during either the 1950s or 1960s. It is now owned by Mexican cartel leader Martin Madrazo and his mistress, Natalia Zverovna, and is registered to a Mexican holdings company in Madrazo's name. It is later destroyed by Michael De Santa and Franklin Clinton during Marriage Counseling. The house gains a much larger role in GTA Online, where it is used by Martin to assign missions to the Online Player.

The house is surrounded by a gate, similar to many other homes in Vinewood Hills. The building itself consists of an open-air garage where vehicles are parked and a large patio behind the home. The interior of the house is inaccessible, but it appears that there is a kitchen right next to the entrance to the patio. The house is built over a rocky cliff, making it somewhat dangerous to live in. There are support beams that hold up the patio and are used to Michael's advantage when he demolishes the house.

After the house is destroyed, it is possible to explore the ruins between the missions Marriage Counseling and The Jewel Store Job. Even though there are gaps among the rubble that could grant access to the house, it is surrounded by an invisible wall, making the place completely inaccessible.

After the mission Fame or Shame, it is possible to see the house being rebuilt. Alongside construction equipment, the player can find furniture, empty bottles, glasses, magazines, ashtrays and even a DJ turntable. The windows are boarded and offer no visibility inside the house.

The house appears in the first trailer for Grand Theft Auto V, with two people practicing yoga on the house's balcony.

Events of GTA Online

After the player gets contacted by Martin, he's called into the house after the player completes Madrazo's first mission, in that cutscene, Martin will introduce himself personally and show the house to the player, saying that it's for an associate of his that "he likes very much". After this point and from some missions given by Madrazo, the player might have to drop by here many times.

Events of GTA V

In the mission Marriage CounselingKyle Chavis, the former tennis coach of Amanda De Santa, attempts to hide here while being chased by Michael and Franklin. The two men use a Bison with a winch, and attach a hook to one of the support beams. As they accelerate, the supporting beams buckle and cause the entire house to crumble and slide down the cliff. Following Fame or Shame, when Martin receives the payment from The Jewel Store Job, rebuilding of the house commences.

Mission Appearances

Grand Theft Auto V

GTA Online




  1. The row of houses on Hillcrest Avenue follows a number pattern of every second house. The house before is numbered 2882, and the one after is numbered 2886. Following this pattern, it can be assumed that the house's number is 2884.
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