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Michael's marriage is on the rocks.
— GTA V description at Rockstar Games Social Club
Michael: "It's a foolish man who builds his house in sand, baby."
Franklin: "I don't think my boy Matthew was thinking trucks when he wrote that shit."
―Michael and Franklin after pulling Madrazo's house off the hills.

Marriage Counseling is a mission in Grand Theft Auto V which protagonist Michael De Santa performs with the assistance of fellow protagonist Franklin Clinton.


At home, Michael calls for his wife Amanda, to no answer. Stepping out of the house to smoke, Michael becomes suspicious when he notices two tennis rackets by the door. He confronts Amanda when he walks to his room and he finds that she is having sex with her tennis coach, Kyle Chavis, who is stripped down to his underwear. Kyle attempts to reason with Michael, but he is too furious, so Kyle jumps out of the window and runs to his car. Franklin arrives at this moment and, despite Amanda's pleas, helps Michael track down Kyle.

The two leave in a "borrowed" McGill-Olsen Bison and chase Kyle on the road, losing him briefly only to find his car outside of a nearby house. Michael threatens Kyle as he is hiding on the deck. Franklin then ties the truck's cable wire winch onto the deck's support beams. Michael and Franklin get back inside the truck and Michael accelerates, causing the support beam to give way and the entire house to collapse and slide down the cliff. 

As they drive away, Kyle calls Michael on his cellphone and tells him that the mansion he destroyed wasn't his, but rather the home of a powerful gangster's mistress, who takes Kyle's phone, and angrily tells Michael that Martin Madrazo gave him a "green light" (a hit).


Martin Madrazo after hitting Michael with a baseball bat.

Michael and Franklin manage to hold off the goons sent by Martin and make it back to Michael's mansion, but are cornered by Martin himself and a couple more of his goons, along with his mistress. Martin has Franklin tell Michael about when he was "wrongfully accused of running a Mexican-American gang and a narcotic ring", with the charges against him ultimately dropped because the witnesses "came up missing". Martin hits Michael with a baseball bat, and demands that Michael pay for the damages he caused, with repairs costing approximately $2.5 million. Michael reluctantly agrees, and after Martin and his goons leave, Michael resignedly decides to return to his life of crime.

Mission Objectives[]

  • Get in the truck.
  • Follow the tennis coach.
  • Drive to the canyon.
  • Get in the truck.
  • Go back to Michael's house.
  • Lose Madrazo's men.

Gold Medal Objectives[]

  • Not a Scratch - Complete with minimal damage to the Bison.
    • Drive carefully and try not to ram vehicles or take shortcuts.
  • Time - Complete within 05:30.
  • Drive-by Killer - Kill 3 enemies whilst in a vehicle.
    • Kill enemies as Franklin during the chase. If you have them, use sticky bombs. You can also do it with Michael.


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This section/page depicts all cutscenes and dialogues in the mission "Marriage Counseling" in Grand Theft Auto V.

Michael walks into the De Santa Residence, closes the door, and walks to the stairs.
Michael: Hey Aman?
Michael walks closer to the stairs, and looks up.
Michael: Tracey?
Michael: Yo!
Michael goes outside, and lights his cigarette. He then notices two tennis rackets by the front door. Michael throws his cigarette down, and walks back in.
Michael: Amanda!
Michael goes back towards the stairs, and begins to walk up them.
Michael: Amanda!
Michael quickly realises what Amanda is doing, and runs up the stairs.
Michael: You better not be!
Michael: Not in my house!
Amanda appears outside of the bedroom with a towel on, trying to get Michael to go away.
Amanda: Fuck you, Michael! Go Away!
Michael moves closer to the door, and stands in front of Amanda
Michael: I'm paying that turd a hundred and fifty bucks an hour to fuck my wife?
Michael moves Amanda to the side, and opens the door.
Michael: In my own bed?
Amanda follows Michael into the bedroom.
Amanda: Michael, go away!
The tennis coach is standing on the bed, apologising to Michael
Coach: Whoa! I'm sorry bro. She said you had an arrangement.
The coach moves off the bed, and Michael stands on the bed.
Michael: You and I are gonna have an arrangement.
Michael stands off the bed, and tries to move to the tennis coach, but Amanda holds him back.
Michael: I'm gonna arrange your fuckin' funeral.
The tennis coach moves up and down on the spot in a worried way.
Coach: I'm really sorry, bro. I'll comp the session, I promise.
Michael: You're a dead man!
The tennis coach runs to the window doors, while Michael keeps yelling at him
Coach: Fuck!
Michael: Dead!
The tennis coach smashes the doors as he runs through them. Michael and Amanda move towards the door.
Michael: Come here!
The tennis coach vaults over a flower pot, which falls with him, and he screams.
Coach: Aah!
Michael moves to the balcony, and looks down. Amanda is close by in the room. He then turns around, and Amanda also turns around to leave the room.
Michael: Fuck! Man...
Michael runs out of the room.
Franklin walks to the door, whilst Michael and Amanda run down the stairs.
Amanda: Hey, you...
Franklin walks into the house.
Amanda: stop him!
Franklin: What's up, man?
Michael walks to the front door
Michael: Get out of my way!
Amanda follows behind, trying to stop Michael.
Amanda: Michael, calm down!
Franklin, oblivious to what happened, asks what's going on. Michael and Amanda both stop at the front door.
Franklin: What the fuck is going on?
Amanda: Nothing happened, it was all a misunderstanding.
Michael: She fucked a prick in my bed.
Michael moves Franklin to the side, and walks out of the house.
Franklin: You bullshittin' me?
Amanda tries to defend herself
Amanda: It wasn't like that!
Michael points at Franklin
Michael: You in?
Franklin agrees to help Michael
Franklin: Let's roll, let's get this motherfucker.
Amanda walks onto the steps of the house
Amanda: Just don't kill him!
Amanda runs back into the house, and slams the doors
Michael and Franklin get into a nearby Bison, and begins to drive out of the driveway. They turn a corner onto Portola Drive, before turning left onto West Eclipse Boulevard
Franklin: This truck yours?
Michael: Guy's doing some work for me. He'll get it back.
Michael: Might have a dead body hooked to it, but he'll get it back.
Franklin: Oh? So we killing this dude?
Michael: He'll wish he was dead. That a problem?
Michael turns onto Mad Wayne Thunder Drive
Franklin: Shit, a dog shouldn't shit in another dog's kennel.
Michael: Exactly. People have been shitting in my kennel for too long.
Michael climbs up Mad Wayne Thunder Drive
Franklin: Off to the left, right there.
A Baller leaves a driveway, and drives down Mad Wayne Thunder Drive.
Michael: He's there!
A Journey blocks the road just before the Ace Jones Drive junction, allowing the coach to get away.
Michael: The fuck is he doing?
Franklin: Hey, Get out of the way.
The Journey quickly reverses, and goes down Mad Wayne Thunder Drive
Michael: Motherfucker.
Franklin: Fuck man, I think we lost his ass.
Michael: He lives somewhere up in the canyon, we'll find him.
Michael drives up North Sheldon Avenue, before arriving at Hillcrest Ridge Access Road.
Michael: Okay, This is the turn.
Michael turns onto Hillcrest Ridge Access Road.
Franklin: Hey! He in one of these fucking houses?
Michael spots the coach's car.
Michael: That's his car. Right there.
Michael then spots the coach on a silt house.
Michael: The little prick's up there. Look.
Franklin: Oh shit, coach doin' alright for hisself.
Michael drives closer to the supports for the house.
Michael: Hey, asshole! You ran off before we could settle our debts.
Coach: Michael, bud! You got the wrong idea, man.
Michael and Franklin get out of the car on the other side of the house.
Michael: There's a winch in the back of the truck.
Michael: Tie the cable to one of those supports up there.
The camera pans to the house, with Michael and Franklin preparing to winch the house to the truck.
Franklin: You finna pull his deck down?
Michael: Hey, that prick pulled my marriage down.
Franklin: Man, you really going to be this fucking dramatic?
Michael brushes off Franklin's comment.
Michael: Yeah, whatever.
The camera shows the coach on the balcony of the house.
Coach: I told you I'd comp the session, bud!
Michael: Well there were a lot of freaking sessions, bud!
Michael: I'm thinking you were working on more than just her backhand!
Coach: Mandy's backhand has come a long way, bro.
Coach: But sometimes it's got to get worse to get better.
Michael: Yeah, well, maybe I should come up there and practice my backhand...
Michael: on your face!
Coach: Oh, bud. Your negative energy is seriously bringing me down.
Michael: Oh, I hope it is, bud.
Franklin finishes tying the winch to the house.
Franklin: We hooked up, man.
Michael continues to shout at the coach.
Michael: You come into my house, take my money and nail my wife, are you fucking kidding me!?
An unknown woman joins the coach at the balcony
Coach: I'm gonna stick up my hand and say that was uncool, bud.
The woman grabs her phone, and phones an unknown person.
Coach: My bad. Seriously.
Michael: How fucking magnanimous!
Michael: May I please offer you my applause...
Michael: You fucking motherfucker!
The camera pans back to the coach.
Coach: Dude.
The cutscene ends.
Michael: Hey, we'll see how you'll like it when someone fucks with your shit!
The coach quickly realises what Michael is about to do.
Coach: Hey! Wait! You got the wrong idea, pal!
Michael walks back to the Bison, and gets in.
Coach: Whoa! Fuck!
Michael begins driving forward
Michael: Here we go! Let's see what happens.
Franklin: Dude, you are properly crazy.
The houses begins to crumble.
Franklin: Aw shit. You see this shit, dog?
Michael moves forward some more, and more pieces of the house falls off.
Franklin: Come on, man. Do it to 'em.
The supports bend.
Franklin: Man, homie ain't grubbing outside tonight, dog.
Franklin: Do it, man. Fuckin' do it.
Franklin: Oh fuck!
The supports fail, and the house falls onto Hillcrest Ridge Access Road.
Michael is delighted to see the house on the road.
Michael: Fuckin' A. Let's see how he liked that.
Franklin: Whoa, man! Fuck!
Michael: Fuck him! And fuck his deck!
Franklin: Eh, homie! I think you pulled a little more than the deck down.
Michael drives off
Michael: It's a foolish man who builds his house on sand, baby.
Franklin: Hey man, I don't think my boy Matthew was thinking trucks when he wrote that shit.
Michael turns right onto Picture Perfect Drive, and receives a call from the coach.
Coach (voice only): Mr. De Santa! What the hell!? That's not my house.
Michael: Bullshit.
Coach (voice only): Bro, I couldn't afford a place like that. I'm a tennis coach, I hit balls for a living.
Coach (voice only): I was just hiding there.
Unknown (voice only): Give me phone! You! You're a dead man!
Unknown (voice only): Green light! Green light! Martin Madrazo give you green light!
Michael: Oh I'm scared lady. Just fucking terrified.
The call ends.
Michael begins to mock the woman's threat
Michael: "Green Light!" "Green Light! "Martin Madrazo!" Fuck you.
Franklin hears Martin Madrazo's name, and gets worried.
Franklin: Whoa. Homie. Martin? Martin Madrazo?
Michael: That's what she said.
Franklin: Damn, dude's a kingpin, homie. Man, you better hope...
Michael brushes off Franklin's warning
Michael: I ain't hoping anything. Chick was hysterical. Chill out.
Michael: The coach should be doing the Russian broad. Chick needs to chill the fuck out.
Franklin also begins to mock the woman's threat
Franklin: Dead man! Dead man!
Michael: Dead man!
Franklin: But you did just pull her life apart, homie.
Michael: Yeah, I guess I did. All the more reason for coach to show her a good time.
Franklin: Man, yo' ass is crazy. You like a sailor on shore leave making up for lost time.
Michael: Oh, I been at sea alright. Everything they tell you that you want, kid, you don't need it.
Franklin: Yeah? Like what?
Michael: Fast cars, big houses, beautiful women.
Franklin: Man, you talking from the perspective of privilege, homie. To a hungry dude like me, man, all that shit look good.
Michael: The hunger's the first thing you lose. When that goes - the hunger and anxiety - you get sloppy and you ain't worth a shit.
Franklin: Well, what I just saw up there was a dude that's eatin' good, but he useful. Man, you could teach me a few things, dog.
Michael: Yeah, lesson number one, don't meet the mother of your children in a skin joint.
Franklin: Man, I don't know dog, strip clubs...
Michael: Lesson number two, don't expect her to fucking change. She'll be picking your pocket, and rubbing up on other men until the day you die.
Franklin is a bit confused at Michael's advice.
Franklin: The advice I'm after's more work related, homie.
Martin Madrazo's goons open fire on the Bison.
Franklin: Shit, we got some heavies on us, homie.
* Hey man, there's some mean lookin' motherfucking eses right behind.
Michael: Are you kidding me? Kid, can you do something?
* That was quick. Alright, help me deal with this.
Franklin: I'll try man, Drive.
* I'll try my best. Let's go.
* I'll give it a go, man. Keep driving.
Michael/Franklin: We can handle this, can't we? Screw 'em!
* Push the pedal, man. We gotta move.
* There he goes.
Michael kills a goon.
Michael: That guy got it.
Michael and Franklin kill more of Madrazo's men.
Franklin/Michael: Let's go, let's leave 'em behind!
* How much distance we got between us?
Michael and Franklin kill all of Madrazo's men.
Michael: Alright, we managed to lose them?
Franklin: Yeah, my n***a! That's it.
Michael: Okay. We go back to my house, think about this.
They start driving back to Michael's house.
Michael: Wow. Shit. You did good. I mean, your aim's all over the place, but you were a help.
Franklin: Uhhh. Thanks... I guess.
Michael: Don't get defensive. Go to a shooting range. Work on your aim. You'll do fine.
They arrive at Michael's house, both get out of the Bison, and Michael walks to his front door.
Michael: Hey, thanks for the help out there today, kid.
Michael: I had no idea it was gonna get that hot.
Franklin: Shit. Pulling houses off the hillside sure has a weird way of fucking with people.
Michael: Yeah, well I thought I was through with all that shit.
Michael: I don't know what the hell is going on.
Franklin hears a vehicle pull up
Franklin: Oh shit! I think we're about to find out.
Four people exit a Black Baller, with a man opening a side door, to reveal a grey haired man in a blue suit. The man walks towards Franklin and Michael
Unknown: Do you know who I am?
The man starts to get angry. Another man with a silver baseball bat follows behind.
Unknown: Do you know who I am?
Unknown: Do you?
Michael: No!
The man looks at Franklin.
Unknown: Do you, you?
Franklin: I think so.
Unknown: Good.
The man looks at Michael.
Unknown: I know who you are. I know where you live.
The man points at Franklin.
Unknown: Who are you?
Franklin: I'm Franklin.
Unknown: License.
Franklin hands his license to a man, who snatches out of his hand, and gives it to the man in a blue suit.
Unknown: Now, Franklin, maybe help Mr. De Santa here. Who am I?
Franklin: I think Martin Madrazo.
Martin Madrazo: Good boy.
Martin Madrazo: Now maybe give him a little of the background.
Franklin turns to Michael
Franklin: Man, Martin Madrazo...
Franklin: Mr. Madrazo is a legitimate businessman.
Franklin: He was wrongfully accused of...
Franklin: running a Mexican American gang and a narcotic ring, but the charges were dropped because of the witnesses came up...
Franklin: missing.
Martin points at Franklin
Martin Madrazo: Smart kid.
Martin turns around to grab the baseball bat from one of his men.
Martin Madrazo: Now, Michael.
Martin takes the baseball bat, and turns back to Michael.
Martin Madrazo: I've got a question for you.
Martin whacks Michael with the bat. Michael falls to the ground outside his garage. His men point their guns at Franklin and Michael
Martin Madrazo: Why, did you pull a architecturally, significant, modernist wonder home down the hillside in Vinewood Hills?
The men with guns turn to Michael.
Michael: I thought the owner was banging my wife.
Martin Madrazo: Well that was a strange house for a tennis coach.
Michael: I wasn't thinking straight.
Martin Madrazo: Clearly.
Michael: Yeah.
Martin gives the baseball bat back to the man who originally had it.
Martin Madrazo: Well, Natalia will need a hotel, while you finance the rebuild, won't she?
Michael: Sure.
Martin Madrazo: Good.
Martin Madrazo: And I'm guessing here that, the rebuild will be somewhere in the... two point five million range?
Michael: Of course.
Martin Madrazo: Great.
Martin moves back to his car. Natalia spits on Michael, before walking back to the car.
Michael: That's nice.
Martin leaves the driveway of the De Santa Residence. Franklin helps Michael up.
Franklin: Come on, man.
Franklin: Damn, you alright?
Michael: Never better.
Franklin: So what now?
Michael: Looks like I'm gonna have to postpone my retirement.
Michael looks back at his house.
Michael: Fuck!
Michael: Ah, man. I'm mortgaged up to my eyeballs.
Michael: Look, I only know one way to make money.
Michael: I'm gonna have to give an old friend a call.
Michael: Lester.
Michael: I think he's in town somewhere.
Michael: Might have to track him down.
Michael pats Franklin on his shoulder.
Michael: Just give me a little alone time, alright?
Franklin: Alright, dog.
Michael walks back into his house.
Michael: Fuck, man, shit!
The mission complete screen appears.
Some time later, Michael is in the park opposite Rockford Plaza, he's on the phone.
Michael: Hello, is this still the number for Lester Crest?
Lester: Who's asking?
Michael: Who's asking "who's asking"?
Lester: You're awful cagey... even for a dead man, Michael.
Michael: Oh. You don't sound good, buddy.
Lester: Tactful and charming even in death. Come see me, old friend.
Lester: I'm living in Los Santos, just like you. Murrieta Heights...
Michael: Whoa, whoa... hey, how do you... hello?
Michael: You fucker.
The phone call ends.


Phone Calls[]

  • Lester Crest - Michael will automatically call Lester immediately after this mission.
  • Isiah Friedlander - Michael will automatically call Dr. Friedlander shortly after this mission.
  • Amanda De Santa - Right after this mission, it is possible for Michael to call Amanda, where she is worried about if Kyle was killed.
  • Amanda De Santa - Michael can call Amanda again some time after the first call, who will ask him about Franklin. Michael will say that Franklin is his personal assistant, to which Amanda calls him out on it saying Jimmy said that Franklin is a gangster. Michael gets angry and replies that "Jimmy says a lot of things" and that there was a misunderstanding that Jimmy was at fault for. He defends Franklin as a good kid and that he's trying to help him out. Amanda tells Michael that it's shady and she doesn't like it, which Michael replies that he doesn't care if Amanda likes it before hanging up.
  • Lamar Davis - Franklin can call Lamar after the mission, who will tease him about his current relation with Tanisha.
  • Jimmy De Santa - It is possible for Michael to call Jimmy, where Jimmy starts criticizing Michael for the way he lives, and Jimmy feels ashamed about it.
  • Jimmy De Santa - At some other point, Michael can call Jimmy again, where Jimmy has learned that Michael pulled Natalia's house down in order to get Kyle, and is upset as he and Kyle were friends. Michael then tells Jimmy that he did it because Kyle was having sex with Amanda, which leads to Jimmy's disgust.
  • Jimmy De Santa - Franklin can call Jimmy after this mission. Jimmy will tell Franklin that they're worried about Michael and wants to know how deep is he back in 'cause he's acting not only "real weird" but also "vocal, violent, scary angry." Franklin replies that Michael shouldn't be out pulling scores, but that he's not meant to be sitting on the couch. Jimmy then asks Franklin not to get Michael killed before ending the conversation.

Daily Rag Newspaper[]

Stilt house collapses in Vinewood Hills.

David Christian - Daily Rag

"One of the famous hillside stilt houses of Vinewood came crashing down to earth yesterday in an incident that has police claiming foul play. The house, which is registered to a Mexican holding company, fell down the hillside. Some eyewitness reports claim they felt some kind of local earthquake, while others said they saw two men trying to pull the house down. Insurance investigators have been at the site since this morning trying to figure out what happened. One told us "we will figure out what happened". Stilt houses, mostly built in the late 1950s and 1960s have been popular stops on Los Santos architecture tours, and this home, designed and built by legendary émigré architect Tueton for his Finnish movie star mistress, was considered a particularly fine specimen. Rebuilding costs are estimated at between one and three million dollars."

Lifeinvader Posts[]

  • Kyle Chavis - "Listen bud, sorry again. Not cool. Again, goes without saying that I'll comp the session. No hard feelings I hope."
  • Amanda De Santa - "Don't blame Kyle. I thought we had an understanding??? It can't be one rule for you and another for me. What about those three charges to Honkers last month? You think I don't look at the bank statements? Anyway, let's move on... you know, for the kids and all that."

Bleeter Posts[]

  • @rockford_privatetennis - "I've had it with jealous husbands. Maybe if you took your mid life crisis out on the gym instead of me, bud, your wife might actually want to sleep with you."
  • @VinewoodLionel67 - "What the hell is wrong with people today? A couple of guys just literally pulled an entire house off its stilts in the Hills!"

Weazel News[]

A house collapses in Vinewood Hills. A Vinewood Hills Stilt Home designed by famous architect Tueton, collapsed. Seismologists did not notice any unusual activity, and the house passed inspection just last year. Malinda Manchester is at the scene. This homeowner is obviously distraught. "Leave me alone. I don't want to talk to biased American media." We'll stay on this story.


Main article: Marriage Counseling/Soundtrack



Video Walkthroughs[]

GTA Series Videos - GTA 5 PS5 - Marriage Counseling
[Gold Medal Guide - 4K 60fps]


  • This mission is one of several in GTA V that will have an altered opening cutscene depending on which protagonist the player is playing as when they start it; if the mission is started as Franklin, most of the opening cutscene where Michael discovers Kyle in his room is missing, and instead, it will begin from the point where Kyle jumps from the balcony with Michael heard yelling upstairs.
  • The tennis coach's car cannot be overtaken, or else the vehicle will dramatically speed up.
  • The destruction of Madrazo's house is taken from the 1989 film Lethal Weapon 2, which features an identical scene in which a house on a Los Angeles hillside is demolished when one of its supports is pulled away using a pickup truck.
  • If Michael calls Amanda sometime after this mission, it's revealed that Kyle fled Los Santos to get away from Michael.
  • During the scene where Martin attacks Michael. Franklin explains that Martin was under a court case and the charges were dropped due to the jurors going missing. This is a possible reference to the Grand Theft Auto Online mission Judging the Jury, where the player's character is ordered by Martin to take out jurors.
  • When driving to Kyle's house, Michael may mention in passing that he had crabs in the past, but he got them cleared up. This disgusts Franklin, who comments that he shook his hand.
  • If the player loses Kyle before he is scripted to get away, Michael may explain to Franklin how he caught the two. Franklin will state that Chavis has some explaining to do, though Michael will retort that what he witnessed was explanatory enough, and what they will do to Kyle wont need to be explained either, to which Franklin agrees.
  • When being pursued by Madrazo's men, even if the player kills everyone in the cars in a single shot, Michael will still comment on Franklin's aim being all over the place.
  • After the initial confrontation, Kyle leaps over the balcony and dashes for his red Blista, and a brief chase scene ensues. This entire sequence involves scripted traffic, which includes: a Felon GT on the corner of Steele Way, a Rocoto traveling down Mad Wayne Thunder Drive, a halted Benson and a turning Baller on Greenwich Way, a Baller leaving a driveway and a Felon traveling opposite Michael on Cockingend Drive, a Cognoscenti Cabrio traveling down South Mo Milton Drive, and a Journey backing out of their respective driveway.
  • The Journey is particularly scripted to be the point where Kyle will lose Michael and Franklin, as Michael and Franklin will yell for the Journey to get out of the way, with Franklin noting that they lost Kyle immediately after.
    • This is one of the perfect chances to obtain a Cognoscenti Cabrio without having to purchase one from Legendary Motorsport, however, doing so will cause mission failure.
  • When Michael says, "It's a foolish man who builds his house in sand, baby." He is referencing Matthew 7:26 in the New Testament.
    • In addition, after this, Franklin says that "[his] boy Matthew wasn't thinking about trucks when he wrote that shit".
  • The same leopard-skin briefs that Kyle wears can be purchased by Trevor at any branch of the Discount Store.
  • Kyle cannot be harmed in any way, and you can't even get close to him without failing the mission, stating that "he got spooked".
  • If the player gets inside Michael's house without triggering the mission (such as through the garage), and the player heads towards Michael's room, it will be locked, which Michael comments on.
  • Although not necessary, the player can choose to either make Michael take the truck back to his house or just ditch the truck.
    • Ditching the truck before pulling down the house will fail the mission, but not after pulling the house down. So if the player decides to ditch the truck to take another vehicle, it is advised not to do so until after pulling the house down.
  • If the player is in control of Michael when driving back to the mansion after pulling Martin's house down, it is possible to switch to Franklin and make him get out. But instead of getting back in on the passenger side of the truck, the player has the ability to play as Franklin when driving the truck.
  • Lester incorrectly states that he lives in Murrieta Heights. His house is actually located in El Burro Heights.
  • According to Michael's actor, Ned Luke, Martin's actor, Alfredo Huereca, was given a baseball bat with one side covered in foam to hit Ned with. However, Alfredo ended up hitting him with the metal side, resulting in Michael's wincing and pained speech being a genuine reaction.
  • If the player switches to Franklin right after the end of the mission, Franklin can be seen riding his Bagger, complaining how he himself got involved with Martin.


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Lamar Davis FranklinGreen-HUDIcon FranklinRed-HUDIcon
Part 1Chop | The Long Stretch
Part 2Hood Safari
Michael De Santa MichaelBlue-HUDIcon MichaelGreen-HUDIcon MichaelRed-HUDIcon
Part 1Father/Son | Marriage Counseling | Daddy's Little Girl
Part 2Mr. Philips
Part 3Fame or Shame
Part 4Did Somebody Say Yoga?
Part 5Minor Turbulence
Part 6Bury the Hatchet
Part 7Reuniting the Family
Part 8Meltdown
Lester Crest LesterBlue-HUDIcon LesterGreen-HUDIcon LesterRed-HUDIcon
Part 1Friend Request | Casing the Jewel Store
Part 2The Hotel Assassination | The Multi Target Assassination | The Vice Assassination | The Bus Assassination | The Construction Assassination
Part 3Surveying the Score
Part 4Cleaning out the Bureau
Part 5Planning the Big Score
Heists HeistBlue-HUDIcon HeistGreen-HUDIcon HeistRed-HUDIcon
Option AThe Jewel Store Job (Loud) | The Merryweather Heist (Freighter) | The Bureau Raid (Fire Crew) | The Big Score (Subtle)
Option BThe Jewel Store Job (Smart) | The Merryweather Heist (Offshore) | The Bureau Raid (Roof) | The Big Score (Obvious)
No OptionsBlitz Play | The Paleto Score
Option A Heist Setup
HeistSetupBlue-HUDIcon HeistSetupGreen-HUDIcon HeistSetupRed-HUDIcon
The Jewel Store JobCarbine Rifles
The Merryweather HeistMinisub
The Bureau RaidFire Truck | Getaway Vehicle
The Big ScoreStingers | Gauntlet - Pillbox Hill | Gauntlet - Rockford Hills | Gauntlet - Mission Row
Option B Heist Setup
HeistSetupBlue-HUDIcon HeistSetupGreen-HUDIcon HeistSetupRed-HUDIcon
The Jewel Store JobBugstars Equipment | BZ Gas Grenades
The Merryweather HeistCargobob | Minisub
The Bureau RaidN/A
The Big ScoreDriller | Sidetracked | Getaway Vehicle
Heist Setup (No Options)
HeistSetupBlue-HUDIcon HeistSetupGreen-HUDIcon HeistSetupRed-HUDIcon
Blitz PlayMasks | Boiler Suits | Trash Truck | Tow Truck | Getaway Vehicle
The Paleto ScoreMilitary Hardware
Trevor Philips TrevorBlue-HUDIcon TrevorRed-HUDIcon
Part 1Nervous Ron
Part 2Friends Reunited
Part 3Scouting the Port
Part 4Predator
Part 5Derailed
Part 6Hang Ten
Tao Cheng Chinese-HUDIconTrevor Philips Industries | Crystal Maze
Part 1Dead Man Walking | Three's Company | By the Book
Part 2Paleto Score Setup
Part 3Monkey Business
Part 4The Wrap Up
Devin Weston DevinBlue-HUDIcon DevinGreen-HUDIcon DevinRed-HUDIcon
Part 1I Fought the Law... | Eye in the Sky
Part 2Deep Inside
Part 3Pack Man
Solomon Richards Solomon-HUDIcon
Part 1Mr. Richards
Part 2The Ballad of Rocco | Legal Trouble
Martin Madrazo MadrazoBlue-HUDIcon MadrazoRed-HUDIconCaida Libre
Franklin Clinton FranklinGreen-HUDIcon FranklinRed-HUDIconFresh Meat | Architect's Plans | Lamar Down
Option A TrevorRed-HUDIconSomething Sensible
Option B MichaelBlue-HUDIconThe Time's Come
Option C FranklinGreen-HUDIconThe Third Way
Optional missions
Amanda De SantaThe Good Husband
Tracey De SantaDoting Dad
Jimmy De SantaParenting 101
Dr. Friedlander Shrink-GTAV-RadarIcon
Part 1Chaos
Part 2Evil
Part 3Negativity
Part 4Fucked Up
Part 5Abandonment Issues
Side MissionsTaxi Jobs | Private Taxi Fares | Towing | Hao Street Races | Offroad Races | Sea Races | Triathlon | Arms Trafficking Air | Arms Trafficking Ground | Hunting | Property Management | Flight School | Random Events | Strangers & Freaks | Stock Car Racing [E] | Wildlife Photography Challenge [E]
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[E] - Enhanced Version only missions

Mission Protagonist:
Michael De Santa | Franklin Clinton | Trevor Philips | Michael & Trevor | Michael & Franklin | Franklin & Trevor
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