Marlowe Drive is a two-way street (2.54 miles long) in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online located in Vinewood Hills that begins at Tongva Drive and ends at Senora Road.


Some rest areas can be recognized as those on the real-life road, offering views of the Vinewood Sign, the Vinewood Bowl, the Galileo Observatory, Lake Vinewood, and Downtown Los Santos. It has seven rest areas just like its real-life counterpart.


It is likely to be based on Mulholland Drive.



  • The name is mostly likely inspired in the fictional detective Philip Marlowe, a private detective created by Raymond Chandler. The setting in Chandler's novels were based in Los Angeles, the city Los Santos is based on.
  • It is possible that Marlowe Drive is named after a prominent unseen family in the game, as the Marlowe Vineyards are also in the game.


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