The western mouth of the tunnel.

Market Tunnel is a rail tunnel in San Andreas. It is part of the Brown Streak Railroad and serves as an underground rail crossing through Los Santos.

Properties of the Tunnel

Market Tunnel's construction is relatively simplistic, with a generic tunnel wall that lacks any form of lighting (although it is still possible to see the interior of the tunnel clearly). The walls on the side of the tunnel are straight, while the ceiling takes on the shape of a curve. The tunnel has two tracks that allow trains to travel in both directions, although all trains use the northern track regardless of their direction of travel. An exception to this is during the mission Snail Trail, in which trains utilise both tracks.

Route Description

Market Tunnel runs mostly from the southeast to the northwest. It begins just west of Unity Station in El Corona and runs straight at ground level for a few hundred meters, passing underneath the Los Santos Freeway and some hills. The track then makes a turn to the northwest, going underground at the same time. It travels underneath western Los Santos in the general direction of Market, where there is an underground station. After the station, the track turns westbound and ascends slowly to above ground level, passing through the hills of northern Los Santos as it does. The track emerges from the hills above the ground just north of the Flint Intersection.


  • It is impossible to derail a train while travelling through the tunnel.
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