"Public transport links that the auto industry have been trying to close down for years."
— GTA San Andreas Website.

Market Station is a railway station in Market, Los Santos, San Andreas. It features only in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.


Market Station is part of the Brown Streak Railroad line, servicing the western portion of Los Santos, in the Market district, adjacent to southern Vinewood, and just across the street from InterGlobal Films. It stands as the only underground transit station (being as it is in the Market Tunnel) in the entire State of San Andreas. It is one of two rail stations in Los Santos, the other being Unity Station in El Corona, which is modeled after Union Station in Downtown Los Angeles. Market Station, however, might be modeled after a station on the Metro Red Line.

The station is relatively simplistic in design, consisting of a radically designed vestibule that leads underground to the platform level, which only side platform services one side of the tracks only. Regardless, trains from both directions tend stop on the same side, towards the platform.



Type of station: Underground

Type of platforms: Side

Number of platforms: 1

Prominent appearance GTA San Andreas

Carl Johnson, hard at work in San Fierro infiltrating and destroying the Loco Syndicate, as well as establishing numerous business ventures throughout the city, receives some rather unexpected and unpleasant visits from C.R.A.S.H. officers Frank Tenpenny and Eddie Pulaski. Carl has been coerced into performing various unsavory tasks for them while in exile from Los Santos, and escaping to San Fierro has proven ineffective in shaking their watchful gaze.

During the mission Snail Trail, Eddie Pulaski, a particularly nasty lap-dog for Tenpenny, angrily demands that Carl murder a witness to his corruption that is on his way from San Fierro to meet up with a newspaper reporter in Los Santos. Carl is forced to follow the Brown Streak train the witness boards at Cranberry Station in San Fierro all the way to Market Station. Here, the witness catches a cab and leads Carl to the pier in Santa Maria Beach, where he kills both the witness and the reporter he is meeting.

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