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MarketStation-GTASA-Map.jpg|Market Station
MarketStation-GTASA-Map.jpg|Market Station
MarketStation-GTASA-LosSantosMap.jpg|Los Santos
MarketStation-GTASA-LosSantosMap.jpg|Los Santos
MarketStation-GTASA-MapFull.jpg|Full Map
MarketStation-GTASA-MapFull.jpg|San Andreas
|map_caption = Location on the map (red).
|map_caption = Location on the map (red).

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"Public transport links that the auto industry have been trying to close down for years."
— GTA San Andreas Website.

Market Station is a railway station in Market, Los Santos, San Andreas.


Market Station is part of the Brown Streak Railroad line, serving the Market district in western Los Santos. Its location within the Market Tunnel makes it the only underground station on the Brown Streak Railroad. It is one of two railway stations in Los Santos, the other being Unity Station in El Corona. The station is served by Brown Streak trains from Las Venturas and San Fierro, with Freight trains occasionally passing through the station. Two railway lines run through the station, though only the line adjacent to the platform is used by trains.

The station's design is rather simple, consisting of a large street-level concourse which leads down to the single bi-directional platform.


Market Station appears to be based on a station on the Los Angeles Metro Red Line.


Type of station: Underground

Type of platform: Side

Number of platforms: 1

Prominent appearance in GTA San Andreas

During the mission Snail Trail, Carl Johnson follows a Brown Streak from San Fierro to Los Santos, where it stops at Market Station.


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