Not to be confused with Marked Men, a mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.
"This is it! I'm in way over my head and I'm starting to drown here! The CIA seems to have a vested interest in SPANK and they don't like me screwing with The Cartel! I'm a marked man! So I'm getting out of here!"
Ray Machowski

Marked Man is the final mission in Grand Theft Auto III given to protagonist Claude by corrupt police officer Ray Machowski from the toilet block at the Belleville Park district of Staunton Island, Liberty City.


Claude drops by the toilet block in Belleville Park. Ray tells Claude that he is a "marked man" and needs to escape Liberty City. He wants Claude to take him to the Francis International Airport so he can catch his plane out of the city to Miami. If Claude successfully drives Ray to the airport, Ray will reward him some items.

Claude and Ray start to make their way to the airport. However, the Shoreside Lift Bridge is guarded by CIA agents, so Claude finds an alternate route, one being the Porter Tunnel. Claude drives through the Porter Tunnel, and he and Ray eventually reach the airport to allow Ray to catch his flight. Once they reach the airport, Ray gives Claude the keys to a lockup in Newport, and enters the airport. Claude drives back to the lockup and when he arrives, Ray pages Claude asking him to take care of the bulletproof Patriot. Other equipment, including a rocket launcher, a sniper rifle, an M16, and a flamethrower, as well as some money, are also stored in the lockup as a gift from Ray to Claude.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • The CIA have the bridge under surveillance, find another route across
  • Go over to the lockup and collect Ray's stash


  • The easiest way for the player to reach the airport without being detected is to travel via the Porter Tunnel. Watch out once you exit the tunnel using the airport exit, because there are some Uzi-toting guards above the tunnel's exit, escape from there quickly.
  • The normal route in any other circumstance would have been travelling via the Shoreside Lift Bridge, however, this is not recommended as the agents guarding it are armed with Micro-Uzis, AK-47s and M-16s.
    • However, the player may safely cross the bridge if the bulletproof Barracks OL is acquired from Ray's earlier mission Arms Shortage. This method is usually recommended as it shortens the distance required to reach the airport by using the nearby bridge.
    • Another vehicle you can use if you decide to take the tough route via the Shoreside Lift Bridge is the Rhino tank, which is armored and thus bullets don't do any damage to it. Thus, you would drive the tank from your safehouse towards the park, activating the mission, and from there crossing the main bridge (not caring if you receive a shower of bullets, as the tank is impervious to them) until you get to the airport's terminal. However, if you still haven't unlocked it in the Import/Export side-quest, the way to get one is attaining 6 wanted stars. Stay close to your Staunton safehouse while fighting against the police (so as to regularly consume the pick ups you gained as rewards from other side-quests), and wait until a tank appears, kill its crew and save the tank inside the safehouse's garage. Save the game and immediately load it, you would have now shaken the cops and have the tank ready in your garage to start this mission.
  • The player can also travel to the airport via the subway, though this will take longer and the player should be vigilant for approaching trains. If doing this approach, stick to the left-hand line since the opposite line is for Staunton Island-bound trains. Exit the subway via the subway stop as soon as the "welcome" sign for Shoreside Vale is shown.
  • The player cannot reach the airport by boat due to the pipeline that separates all the water east of the middle of Staunton and all the water west of the middle of said island, this pipeline stays even after unlocking Shoreside.
  • For players that have mastered the art of flying with the Dodo, they can use it to reach the airport. Unlock it from the Import/Export garage in the Portland docks, get on one, then take off from the Callahan Bridge, from there use the sea route around the south of Staunton, and land near the Airport Terminal.
    • For players that still don't know how to fly with the Dodo: accelerate while holding 6 in the right numeric keypad (or whichever key you configured to "tilt plane down", the numeric 6 is the default). Once you gain speed the nose of the plane will touch the ground and sparks will fly off it, when that happens release the 6 key and the plane will take off. Now keep regularly pressing 6 before the plane gets its nose too high, in this way it won't lose balance and will continually fly straightly. The Dodo is horribly responsive, so don't do sharp turns to the right or the left, rather turn it progressively. To land, slow down while you face progressively down, don't worry if you crash against the ground because you won't explode (as the game treats the Dodo as a car). Once you hit the ground drive it like a regular car.


The reward for completing the mission is $20,000 and the items stored in Ray's lockup, including a bulletproof Patriot and another $20,000.




  • The mission is the only one in GTA III to mention Miami, as development of its fictional counterpart, Vice City, had yet to commence.

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