Marina Sands Hotel is a hotel located in Ocean Beach, Vice City in both 1984 (Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories), and 1986 (Grand Theft Auto: Vice City).


The hotel is right across the street from the Ocean View Medical Foundation and the Ocean Bay Marina. No missions occur at the location in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, however, the hotel serves as Phil Collins' place of residence during his 1984 tour in Vice City in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories.



  • Its name could come from the historic Sands Hotel and Casino, a hotel and casino complex in Las Vegas.
  • Coincidentally, in real life there is a luxurious hotel with a similar name, the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, which is located in Singapore and was built in 2006, four years after Grand Theft Auto: Vice City was initially released.
  • Its structure and location seems to be based on the Murano Grande and ICON in Miami Beach, which were both being constructed during Grand Theft Auto: Vice City's development.
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