"Bout time Alderney got some representation in the city."
―Marco Bonnaro to Jimmy Pegorino.

Marco Bonnaro was a character in the Grand Theft Auto series who appeared as a minor character in Grand Theft Auto IV.

Marco was a dumb-witted associate of the Pegorino Mob in Alderney. He served as a bodyguard to Jimmy Pegorino|Don Pegorino]]. He was brought into the Pegorino criminal organization when he was found on the streets of Little Italy or the Italian-American Alderney neighborhood. It is un-clear if he grew up with Big Pete, who was another associate of the Pegorino crime family and was close to Marco.

Upon arriving at the DUDE Chemicals plant in Acter Industrial Park, Big Pete and Marco accompany Pegorino to the meeting point while Niko watches from a building. After a short wait, Pavano hitmen assault the trio; Pegorino is wounded, but survives while Big Pete and Marco are, unfortunately, killed.

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  • Big Pete and Marco are both incredibly fond of Pegorino, complimenting him and practically hero worshiping him, even when Pegorino is verbally abusive towards them. After their deaths, Pegorino shows some remorse for having been cruel to them in their last moments, but states that one has to get used to losing men in the Mafia.
  • It is possible to save Marco during "Pegorino's Pride" but the player has to focus on him or Big Pete only. If he survives the shootout, he will not join Niko and Jimmy in the car and he will still be reported as being killed.


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