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You may be looking for Manuel (GTA V).

Manuel, in 1986, is a resident of Vice City who lives on Prawn Island. He calls up on the radio station K-Chat during Gethsemanee Starhawk Moonmaker's interview. He talks about the play In the Future, There will be Robots, claiming that it is a true story and that he will hack all the robots and make them say funny things. He then reveals that he is not only calling them through a computer, but is also one himself. Gethsemanee gets into a heated argument with him in response to this, claiming that computers were evil since they were capable of thinking faster than a human. Manuel counters, however, that computers are not evil and that it is only the people who design them that are evil.

In 1992, he calls Area 53 to tell Marvin Trill about how he was afraid hackers might pinpoint his location and launch nuclear weapons against him. However, Marvin replies telling him to instead worry about the phone company spying on him: "They have your name on the bill; they know your number!", to which Manuel simply replies "I knew it!"

Little else is known about Manuel, such as whether or not he really is a computer as he claims, since he speaks in a very human voice, albeit one that exhibits limited amount of emotions.