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This page documents the Manual of Style guidelines of the GTA Wiki.
In short: Uploaded files should be named appropriately, licensed, and be high quality, unaltered, and in a PNG (image), GIF (animation) or OGG (audio) format.

This page documents the Official GTA Wiki Manual of Style on file uploads.

Legal and disclaimer

Unless otherwise specified, rights for all media uploaded to GTA Wiki reside with Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive.

While GTA Wiki does not enforce a Non-free content policy as stringently as Wikipedia does, it is fully acknowledged that the Grand Theft Auto series and everything associated with it are copyright to Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive.

Upload tools

Special:Upload should be used to upload files. This provides the user with the ability to attach a license to the file, as well as any additional information. This also allows the user to upload multiple files at once (assuming they all use the same license).

We do not recommend uploading files using the "Images and media" upload tool found in the VisualEditor, as this does not allow the user to rename files or attach licenses to them.

Naming conventions

All file names should include a subject, a GTA game (or an otherwise relevant body if the file does not attribute to the GTA series) and an optional description.

Any media uploaded to GTA Wiki must be named appropriately and conventionally:

  1. Use TitleCase and avoid spaces.
  2. Follow a naming convention of SubjectName-GTAgame-Description.png.
  3. Use hyphens (-) to separate the subject, game and description.
  4. Do not use full or brief game titles (for example, Adder-GrandTheftAutoV.jpg or CarlJohnson-SA.png)
  5. Do not use meaningless or broad file names (for example, Screenshot1234.jpg or IMG_20220513_215214.png).
  6. Prepending the "File:" namespace manually should not be required as this is automatically included when uploading using Special:Upload or uploading/adding media directly inside the Visual Editor.
File:LIOTTA, RAY.jpg


The table below provides a guide for some of the most commonly recurring file name patterns for specific types of content and the different depictions of said content.

Note that this table includes alterations made to some naming conventions taking effect from May 2024. Files uploaded before this date may not reflect the conventions depicted below, and, due to complications often caused by renaming omnipresent files, are unlikely to be retroactively updated to fit these conventions.

Content type Naming convention Example Notes
[ ] indicates input text. ( ) indicates optional text.
  • Artwork-[GTAgame]-[Subject]
Cover art
  • CoverArt-[GTAgame]-(Platform)
Official screenshots
  • [GTAgame]-Screenshot[Number] (for screenshots released by Rockstar Games)
  • [Subject]-[GTAgame]-Screenshot (for official screenshots released by magazines)
Beta content
  • Beta-[Subject]-[GTAgame]-(Description)-(Source)
Beta-Boxville-GTAV-Text-Trailer.png Source optionally used to identify the source of the beta content (official screenshots, trailers, artwork, extracted textures, etc).
Locations, buildings and structures
  • [Subject]-[GTAgame]-(Description)
Gameplay (missions, game modes, etc)
  • [Mission]-[GTAgame]-(Description)
LegalTrouble-GTAV-SS1.png SS#, where # represents a number, is typically used for gameplay walkthrough images to depict different stages and scenes of a mission or game mode.
  • [Character]-[GTAgame]-(Description)
Full generally used as a description for full body shots.
Real people
  • [Forename][Surname]-[Profession]
Businesses and organizations
  • [Business]-[GTAgame]-Logo (for logos and symbols)
  • [Business]-[GTAgame]-(Description) (for products and other media)
247-GTAV-Logo.png Logo, Patch and Badge are generally used for the type of emblem displayed in the infobox.
  • (LiveryName)[Vehicle]-[GTAgame]-FrontQuarter-(RoofUp/Down) (for front quarter images)
  • (LiveryName)[Vehicle]-[GTAgame]-RearQuarter-(RoofUp/Down) (for rear quarter images)
  • [Vehicle]-[GTAgame]-Badges (for badges and decal images)
  • [Vehicle]-[GTAgame]-[Website] (for website images)
  • [Vehicle]-[GTAgame]-RGSC-MainNew (for RGSC images - after 2019)
  • [Vehicle]-[GTAgame]-RGSC-Main (for RGSC images - prior to 2019)
  • [Vehicle]-[GTAgame]-RGSC-Action (for RGSC "action" images)
Badges, Detail and Decals are generally used for the type of detail image displayed in the design gallery.
  • (LiveryName)[Weapon]-[GTAgame] (for quarter image)
  • [Weapon]-[GTAgame]-RGSC (for RGSC images)
  • [Weapon]-[GTAgame]-HUD (for HUD icon images)
Holding, Aiming and Reloading are generally used for first person view images.
Police scanner
  • PoliceScanner-[GTAgame]-[SpeechLine]
Quotes and dialogue
  • [Character]-[GTAgame]-Quote
  • [Mission]-[GTAgame]-Quote
Janitor-GTASA-Quote.ogg Mission name or character name used interchangeably depending on the quote's use.
Theme songs
  • [GTAgame]-(DLC)-Theme

Game abbreviations

File names with a Grand Theft Auto title ([GTAgame]) should use the correct abbreviation. Additional game information, such as the version, platform or edition the file depicts, can be optionally included as a qualifier. This is formatted as a lowercase letter placed immediately after the game (for example, GTAOee or GTAVCde).

Main titles

Versions and editions



Image formats

While Fandom and MediaWiki accepts a variety of image formats, it is of the preference of the GTA Wiki to upload images in the following formats:

  • PNG (.png) - a lossless image format used for high quality uploads.
  • JPEG (.jpg or .jpeg) - a lossy image format sometimes used for large resolution images.
  • GIF (.gif) - a lossless image format used for short animations.
  • MP4 (.mp4) - a multimedia format used for longer animations and videos.

Image resolution and file size

Images should not be too small nor too big; low-resolution images often fail to render properly, and are typically stretched if they are used in infoboxes. Images that are too high-resolution may take longer to load on some platforms and devices or if the reader has a poor internet connection, or even fail to load entirely.

As a general rule of thumb:

  1. Files should not exceed 10 megabytes (10,000 kilobytes)
  2. Images used in galleries, the article body or infoboxes should be no smaller than 300x300px.
  3. Images should not exceed 5000x5000px.

The optimal and recommended resolution for PNG images is 1080p (1920x1080px). 4K images (3840x2160px) are also deemed acceptable but should be uploaded as JPG images to preserve a lower file size.

Since some cases of extracted images are unavoidably low resolution, there are exceptions:

  1. Unless a higher quality version of the image exists, they should not be upscaled (see image quality).
  2. Low resolution game textures, such as HUD icons are permitted so long as their use within article space and templates also remains low resolution.

Image aspect ratio

Aspect ratio refers to the ratio of width to height dimensions of an image. Generally, uncropped images of Grand Theft Auto games uploaded to the GTA Wiki should follow the default aspect ratio at the time of the game's release, however, since the majority of GTA games are available to play on modern platforms and/or PCs, it is preferred that all images of gameplay are of a 16:9 ratio.

The preferred aspect ratio for different subjects is defined in the specific article layout, however, as a general principle:

  • 16:9 - in-game screenshots, depictions of content, logos and other material.
  • 9:16 - full-body character shots (typically used for character/pedestrian variation and must be used in a separate gallery).
  • 1:1 - character head shots (used in infoboxes).

Image content

Images uploaded for use on pages must be relevant to the subject and/or the GTA series:

  1. Images depicting the real-world are not acceptable.
  2. Images should enhance the understanding of the content they accompany (for example, screenshots of vehicles, characters, locations as they appear in-game).
  3. Personalized or customized content, such as customized vehicles, characters, or properties, are not permitted. Only images that reflect the standard, unmodified state of in-game elements are permitted.
  4. Modifications are not permitted. This includes content modifications, such as maps, vehicles or characters, as well as gameplay and graphic modifications.
  5. Images should be neutral and not display bias towards any particular agenda, political, social, or otherwise.
  6. Images must not contain visible mature content, such as nudity or excessive gore. Such content may be uploaded if the content is censored.
  7. Any image that could be considered offensive, discriminatory, or inappropriate in any manner is strictly prohibited.

Notable exceptions:

  1. Personalized or customized content that appears during gameplay (pre-customized vehicles, characters, etc).
  2. Depictions of the real-world that directly reference the GTA series or its content.
  3. Depictions of certain derogatory content, such as sexism, racism, homophobia, transphobia, xenophobia and some stereotypes which are referenced in the GTA series.
  4. Modifications for use under modification subpages or for pages on third-party tools.

Users are free to upload and use any image on their User page, so long as it compliant with Fandom Terms of Use and Fandom Community Guidelines.

Image quality

The quality of an image and the presentation of the subject it depicts are important in providing an accurate representation.

There are several requirements for image quality:

  1. Images should be clear and well-lit.
  2. The subject of the image should not be obscured or distant.
  3. Images should not be upscaled (increased in resolution) or modified (including with the use artificial intelligence).
  4. Images should not be blurry.

The preferred presentation for different subjects is defined in the specific article layout, however, as a general principle:

  1. Subjects should not be placed on dark backgrounds or hard-to-read spaces.
  2. Subjects should not be over-exposed.
  3. Subjects should be in a clean, intact condition (unless dirt and damage is used for demonstration, such as Vehicle Damage).

Watermarks and overlays

  1. Watermarked images are not permitted.

Obscuring details, such as personal information, account details, is permitted so long as it is done cleanly (see modifying images).

Modifying images

Images used in articles must not be modified (for example, using photo editing programs such as Photoshop or GIMP). This includes adding or removing elements, changing colors, or any other alteration that changes the original depiction.

Exceptions may apply, so long as they are done in a professional and consistent manner:

  1. Obscuring personal details, such as account names, profile images, or any other identifying information for privacy protection.
  2. Adding notations, such as highlighting a map, provided it aids in the clarity and understanding of the content.
  3. Resizing/cropping images to meet the image resolution and file size requirements, ensuring they follow the image quality requirements.
  4. Adjusting the aspect ratio of certain extracted files if they are rendered in a different aspect ratio in-game (for example, a 16:9 image which was clearly stretched to fit a 256x256px resolution).


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