Manganese Street is a west-east street in Algonquin, Liberty City.


It starts just east of Union Drive West in Purgatory. It intersects with Galveston Avenue where the Manganese West station is located on the south side of the intersection. It passes Frankfort Avenue to enter Star Junction, passing many hotels and restaurants, intersecting Burlesque and then Denver-Exeter Avenue. After passing Columbus Avenue and Columbus Cathedral, it enters Hatton Gardens, the home of many high-rise apartments in a residential area. It intersects with Bismarck Avenue where there's a Bank of Liberty branch with an ATM. It intersects Albany Avenue where the Manganese East station is located on the north side of the intersection. It ends as an entrance/exit on Union Drive East. By location, and having two MTA stops on two separate lines, it's based on 53rd street, in Manhattan, New York City

Notable Business



  • The name might be associated with Vincent Mangano, boss of the Mangano crime family from 1931-51.
  • The name might also be a reference to the element and mineral Manganese, which most of the streets in Midtown Algonquin are named after.


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