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Mandarin Mayhem - Phone 6: Mission 1 is a mission in Grand Theft Auto 1 level 3, Mandarin Mayhem, given to the Protagonist by Uncle Fu. It is available from the second payphone in north Sunview.


The mission begins with the protagonist being told to go and answer another payphone in south Marina (despite the dialogue saying Market). Upon answering the phone, it is revealed that Uncle Fu wishes to test the protagonist's skills against another of his men. The protagonist is instructed to go and meet him in southwest Woodside. Once there, the protagonist is told that they must kill a prisoner before Uncle Fu's man in order to win the contest. The catch is, however, that neither the protagonist nor Uncle Fu's man may attack each other or use vehicles as it is an honourable test of skill and stamina. After successfully killing the prisoner in north Sailor's Wharf, the protagonist is told to wait for further instructions.

The protagonist is then told that a former associate of Uncle Fu's has delivered vital evidence to the DA and requires a Taxi. After the protagonist has stolen a taxi, Uncle Fu's ex-employee must be picked up from north Marina and taken to a safehouse in west Woodside to meet Long Wang. The protagonist must kill the ex-employee and then Long Wang will take care of the body to complete the mission.


No weapons are allowed against each other during the competition, but the player can hinder Uncle Fu's man a bit. Since he moves southwards, the protagonist can park a car just South of the meeting point, against the wall, which will make the rival lose a couple of seconds.


The player will be awarded 45,000 points and a +1 score multiplier for completing the mission.

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