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This article or section refers to content exclusive to the PC version of Grand Theft Auto: London.
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Manchester is a city featured in Grand Theft Auto: London 1961, a PC exclusive expansion pack for Grand Theft Auto: London 1969, based on the real-life British city of Manchester.

It is only available as a multiplayer deathmatch map for GTA London 1961.


Much like its real-life counterpart, 1960s Manchester is a heavily industrialised city, although its design is less inherent to the real-life city than London. Because Manchester reuses textures from the London map, the landmarks depicted in the game bear little resemblance to their real-life counterparts in comparison to London.

The city's main feature is its canal network, which includes a section of Rivel Irwell to the southwest, a dry canal that runs from the river to the eastern edge of the map, and a Y-shaped waterway that runs from north to south, complete with adjoining dockyards, warehouse and cargo holding areas. These characteristics mimic Manchester's shipping canals and docklands.

In addition, the map features a section of the Liverpool and Manchester Railway, a dual-track railway lines that runs from a train shed at the western end to the edge of the map to the east and another train shed to the northwest, all while running along at-grade and elevated surfaces. As it is implied to be railway lines for industrial use, no trains can be found along them.

Due to its use as a multiplayer map, Manchester lacks basic facilities in comparison to London, such as working hospitals and police stations (although the city has two of each) or export docks.


While exploring the Manchester map, there are no named districts displayed on the HUD, as the whole map is considered as being one large zone named "Manchester". Similarly to the zones in London, Manchester is divided into the eight cardinal points (North, South, East, West, Northwest, Northeast, Southwest and Southeast) and Central:

  • South Manchester, identified as the Manchester City Centre, features built-up urban space, including recreations of the Manchester Town Hall and the Manchester Central Library.
  • Southwest Manchester, identified as Salford, is occupied by low-density housing estates to the west, distinguished by its two-storey homes and large greenspace.
  • Southeast Manchester, identified as Trafford, is occupied by a series of warehouses, shipping crates, a complex of buildings to the east, and the Old Trafford football stadium.
  • North Manchester includes a peninsula at the centre of the northern half of the map, and it contains warehouses and shipping crates. The Manchester Ship Canal runs from this area and ends in the southern border of the map.
  • Northwest Manchester is heavily developed with large numbers of commercial and residential buildings. The Liverpool and Manchester Railway tracks ends in a train depot to the northwestern corner of the map.
  • Northeast Manchester consists of a mixture of low-density housing estates, moderately developed urban spaces, abandoned buildings, and a large storage bay.
  • West Manchester consists of a small area where the Northeast and Southeast zones are connected by a few bridges passing through River Irwell. It also includes a railway train depot.
  • East Manchester, identified as Castlefield, includes castle walls seemingly inspired by Mamucium, and a storm drain which appears to be a recreation of one of the canals in real-life Castlefield.
  • Central Manchester is a small area which includes a section of the Manchester Docks, the City Centre and Castlefield.


A few recreations of famous landmarks from the real-life Manchester have their own renditions in GTA London. These include:

In Real Life
Manchester Town Hall
(3D Model View)
Manchester Town Hall is municipal building in the Manchester City Centre used as the ceremonial headquarters of the Manchester City Council, and it houses a number of local government departments.

Note: The building uses the same textures as the Palace of Westminster from the original London map.
Wikipedia has an article on: Manchester Town Hall
Manchester Central Library
(3D Model View)
Manchester Central Library is the headquarters of the city's library and information service in Manchester, located in the Manchester City Centre.

Note: The building uses the same textures as the National Gallery from the original London map.
(3D Model View)
Mamucium, or Mancunium, are the ruins of a former Roman fort located in Castlefield.

Note: The building uses the same textures as the Tower of London from the original London map.
Wikipedia has an article on: Mamucium
Old Trafford
(3D Model View)
Old Trafford is a football stadium and the home of Manchester United Football Club. It is located in the southern area of Trafford.

Note: The building uses the same textures as the Soho Stadium and Southwark Stadium from the original London map.
Wikipedia has an article on: Old Trafford
Liverpool and Manchester Railway
Liverpool and Manchester Railway is a railway system, and historically the first inter-city railway in the world, that starts in Castlefield (from the game's map boundaries) and ends in a railway depot in Northwest Manchester.
Manchester Docks and Ship Canal
(3D Model View)
Manchester Docks and the Manchester Ship Canal are located in the northern portion of Manchester.
Wikipedia has an article on: Manchester Ship Canal
River Irwell
(3D Model View)
River Irwell is a tributary of the River Mersey in north west England. A small section of the river is located in the southwestern portion of the Manchester map.
Wikipedia has an article on: River Irwell


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