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Crawford: "Hey man, take me back to Dogg's mansion."
CJ: "Not today, asshole. Today we're taking the scenic route, via the bottom of the ocean!"
Carl Johnson kidnaps Alan Crawford

Management Issues is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas given to protagonist Carl Johnson by aspiring rapper OG Loc from the Burger Shot he works for in the Marina area of Los Santos, San Andreas.


Now, OG Loc has the technology and the ghostwritten lyrics to kickstart his rap career, but it seems he isn't fully satisfied yet. It turns out he now needs somebody to manage his business. He tries to get Madd Dogg's manager, Alan Crawford, to partner with him so he can get deals in the industry, but Alan doesn't think too highly of Loc and wants to prevent him from entering the music business. Loc suggests that the manager has outlived his usefulness and must be killed.

Carl is told that Crawford is attending an awards ceremony at the Cathay Theater, which happens to be only time he isn't with Madd Dogg. Carl then steals Alan's driver's vehicle and meets up with the convoy before 22:00, making sure that the car is clean and pristine. Now in the middle of the convoy, Carl holds his position, as the cars make their way to the awards ceremony where Alan, along with a young woman (possibly his girlfriend), will get into the vehicle. Surprised to find a new driver, Alan is helpless as his new 'chauffeur' drives to a pier in Verona Beach, with Carl bailing out just before the vehicle plunges into the water, killing Alan and the lady accompanying him.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must do the following tasks:

  • One of Madd Dogg's manager's drivers is eating at the Burger Shot across town
  • Damage the car to force the driver out
  • Get in the car
  • Go and meet up with the other drivers. Don't damage your car
  • Park your car facing the same way as the other cars
  • Keep in the middle of the two cars until you reach the awards ceremony
  • There is a pier to the South that you can dump the car off
  • Dump the car in the water but make sure no one sees you
  • Keep your speed up to the end of the pier then bail out
  • Bail out now


The reward for completing this mission is increased Respect.


Carl Johnson goes to Burger Shot to find OG Loc. He decides to ask one of the employees.
CJ: Hey, 'scuse me. Loc around here?
Employee: What? Who? You want fries with that?
CJ: Loc, is he available for coh-myoo-nee-kay-shun?
Employee: Who? Loc? Oh you mean Jeffrey! Yeah, our Appliance Technician called in sick so Jeff- Loc, he got promoted.
CJ: So...
Employee: So, he's out back cleaning the fryer.
CJ: *goes to the back and sees OG Loc* Hey, what up, Loc?
OG Loc: CJ. What's up, homie? Hey - my shit is so tight right now, it's about to bust!
CJ: So you happy now, homie?
OG Loc: Happy? Man, hell, no. I can't take this shit much longer. Man, I'm an artiste! I'd rather be inside! Man, I can't get a deal for nothing. Motherfuckers always wanna keep a ni**a down. And that Scipio, Madd Dogg's manager, is putting it one me real heavy, man. He crampin' my style for real.
CJ: Heavy? Man, he's five foot three.
OG Loc: But that fool strong. Man, we gotta take him out. He done blackballed me, man. I can't get in the game no way. I told you I'm an artist, a communicator and nobody can even hear my message. He's going around, telling everybody I'm whack.
CJ: Well, he obviously ain't heard your new shit. That shit is outrageous.
OG Loc: That's what I'm talking about, man. Down, with a frown, on the town, a sad clown.
CJ: Alright, so what you want me to do?
OG Loc: *whispers* I want you to take that motherfucker out!
CJ: Kill him?
OG Loc: Well, I didn't mean date him. Listen, he's gonna be attending some awards ceremony, and that's the only time he leaves Dogg's side.
CJ goes to Burger Shot in Temple in order to steal a car of Scipio's driver.
CJ: *phone rings* Ah Loc, what's up now man?
OG Loc: One of the Madd Dogg's chauffeurs just left the Burger Shot across town. Said he was headed over to the Music Awards.
CJ: Good lokin'. I'm a see if I can catch up with them.
Driver: *CJ damages the car and driver gets out* Hey, what the fuck are you playing at?
CJ steals black Elegant and goes to meet up with other drivers.
Driver: Hey, what kept you? Come on we need to go and pick up the boss!
Meanwhile at Music Awards ceremony Scipio is being interviewed.
Reporter: Congratulations on your award, you must be thrilled!
Scipio: Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, I'd like to thank my fans, my momma and my dealer.
CJ follows two other driver in black Elegants to ceremony to pick up their boss.
Driver: Stick close and let's roll! *approaching ceremony* Keep frosty, guys.
CJ stops the car near Cathay Theater. Scipio and his girl sit down in the car.
Scipio: Hey, man. Take me back to Dogg's mansion.
CJ: Not today, asshole. Today we're taking the scenic route, via the bottom of the ocean. *sound of door lock*
CJ speeds away with Scipio and his girl in the car.
Driver: Security team, the principle has been kidnapped. Rescue him at all costs!
Scipio: *girl is screaming all the time* Who the fuck are you? Where's my usual driver? Unlock this fucking door! I can't fucking swim, you fucking psycho!
CJ: Ah, so I've heard!
Scipio: What do you want, fool, money? I got bitches, loads o'fine bitches, take 'em. They'll do anything you want! You want a record contract? Man I can make any fool a superstar! I know people in this town, powerful people! Dangerous motherfuckers! You Grove Street Families? I know Ballas OG's, we're like brothers! They'll fuck you up so bad!
CJ: Shut up! *girl continues to scream*
CJ drives Elegant to a pier in Verona Beach, with Carl bailing out just before the vehicle plunges into the water.
Scipio: *in slow motion* Holy FUUUUUUUUUUCK!


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  • The Elegant that Carl drives during this mission has got a custom license plate. See Blood Bowl#Trivia.
  • After this mission, Carl will start singing while idle. Before this mission, he was silent.
  • If the player arrives at the pier just before Crawford can finish talking, CJ will tell him to shut up.
  • Even if the player does not bail out of the car after reaching the end of the pier, the mission will not fail, as the target is to dump the car regardless.