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Nice introduction to Los Santos... if you've only seen it on postcards or in TV shows. Takes you along Eclipse Blvd, through Rockford Plaza and past the golf club. Point to point race for cars.
— Description

Mall Or Nothing is a race and the first mission in Grand Theft Auto Online given to the Online Player by Lamar Davis.


After getting off the plane at the Los Santos International Airport, Lamar picks the player up and gets knowledge of the player and talking to them on the way, giving them a gun to help them survive in the city. Lamar will let the player out of the car, who in turn walks to a mission marker, where the mission begins and he will race the player. It is a race all over the northern part of Los Santos. After winning the race, Lamar will inform the player about his friend and drug dealer Gerald, telling the player that he received a call from Gerald that there's a deal going on under the Olympic Freeway and Gerald is interested in the stuff, also directly unlocking the next mission, Learning The Ropes.

Cars to choose from


  • The mission's name is a pun on the phrase "all or nothing".
  • Before the race starts and before you pick a car, you can see Lamar's name (as if it was his gamertag/PSN ID) and then it will say he is Level 99 as if he was a real person and not computer-controlled.
  • Sedans such as the Albany Emperor and Dundreary Regina are not available for this race, as these are some of the slowest vehicles in the game, and new players may not know this so if he/she were to choose it a loss is surely to occur. The Enus Super Diamond is not available either as it is a 100k+ car, and is also quite fast for its class, making any player to choose it have an unfair advantage.
  • Other players who had recently completed their tutorial can join their race by simply joining their friend's session. This can cause the job to glitch by getting stuck on the results screen, unless one player has to quit to their dashboard.
  • When the race starts, Lamar will speak to the player through the headset: Right up here, homie. I'm 'bout to go nice and slow for yo' bitch-ass. Lamar says the same line for Franklin during the mission Franklin and Lamar in Grand Theft Auto V.
  • Lamar will comment on the vehicle the player chose during the betting screen, for example complementing the player's rental Schafter.