"Not as majestic as it once was."
―GTA IV Official Website

The Majestic Hotel is a large luxury hotel located in northern Star Junction in Liberty City.


It is the setting for the mission Late Checkout, in which Niko Bellic must kill the Jewish diamond dealer Isaac Roth in his penthouse. During the mission, the player can access the penthouse by either using the elevator in the lobby or the window cleaning platform outside of the building. Messina Consigliere Harry Hall is also said to run a high class prostitution ring out of the Majestic.

During gameplay, the player can land a helicopter on the roof of the hotel and enter the penthouse room from the mission. In Multiplayer, the doors to the hallway in the penthouse may open on a glitch occasion (video is on the links at the bottom).

The radio stations Jazz Nation Radio 108.5 and Electro-Choc are heard on the ground floor and in the penthouse, respectively. In EFLC, the radio station playing is Self-Actualization FM.


The Majestic Hotel is based on the Ritz-Carlton in Central Park (50 Central Park South), a luxury hotel; the top has been slightly altered and signs have been added however.


In The Ballad Of Gay Tony, a parachute pickup spawns on top of an AC unit, armor also spawns near the barbeque pit.


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  • The endless customer's service telephone ring may show how badly managed the place is.
  • In the kitchen, a bottle of Blox can be seen, a product first advertised in GTA Vice City.
  • In the bedroom of the penthouse suite there is a suitcase with a brown shirt and jeans similar to the casual outfit from GTA Vice City.
  • There is a propane tank on the upper part of the roof, which players tend to crash into while landing their helicopters.
  • The Majestic is a popular hangout in multiplayer, and also for singleplayer and multiplayer police rampages.
  • The roof is a good place for snipers in multiplayer, as it shows Middle Park and the Libertonian and is a good place to rack up kills in deathmatch.
  • The hotel also appeared in Manhunt 2 on the Project Plaza.


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