For the character, see Madd Dogg.
"Stay the fuck away - stay the fuck away!! I'm the best rapper in the universe! I'll jump! I'll jump!"
Madd Dogg

Madd Dogg is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas given to protagonist Carl Johnson by rapper Madd Dogg from the Royal Casino, a casino located along The Strip in Las Venturas, San Andreas.


Carl walks over to the south side of the casino, encountering two people shouting at someone on the roof of the casino to jump. One of the two tells Carl that the person on the roof is Madd Dogg, a formerly successful rapper. Carl persuades Madd Dogg not to jump off the roof, but Madd Dogg says his life doesn't mean anything anymore. He has lost everything, from his money to his fame, after someone stole his rhyme book and killed his manager. Carl once again tries to make him reconsider about jumping, but Madd Dogg ignores Carl's statement. Right after, two croupiers attempt to save Madd Dogg from jumping, but he tells the croupiers to stay away. 

Carl, in an attempt to save Madd Dogg from suicide, steals a nearby Walton and parks near the casino. Madd Dogg jumps from the roof in a drunken state, landing onto a pile of boxes. Carl then takes Madd Dogg to a rehabilitation center. On the way, Madd Dogg tells Carl that he is going to get a new manager, and might consider Carl, to which Carl agrees. Carl drops off Madd Dogg at the rehabilitation center, where two paramedics bring him in. Carl drives off once he's sure Madd Dogg is in good hands now, and the mission ends.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Use the pickup truck around the corner to rescue Madd Dogg
  • Catch Madd Dogg when he jumps
  • Drive Madd Dogg to the hospital CAREFULLY. Each bump reduces his chance of survival



  • If the player uses the "pedestrians attack each other" cheat before this mission, Madd Dogg will immediately jump after the opening cutscene, making this mission impossible to complete. If it happens, the only way to fix it is by using a save game editor such as hmvartak's online glitch repair tool to remove the hate relationship to the player from the male ped type acquaintance (Note: Madd Dogg spawns with the male ped type), or to start a new game (Note: Do not use cheats that affect the gameplay up to this mission). This is one of a few missions to not work correctly if too many cheats are used, the others being Burning DesireTanker Commander, 555 We Tip and, in some cases, Photo Opportunity. Although, players have reported that they suffered this glitch without using any cheats.


  • It is absolutely imperative to remember to aim the bed of the truck at Madd Dogg, not the cab. If Madd Dogg lands on the cab, a bone crunching sound will be heard and he will be killed, which will fail the mission.


  • The Walton used in this mission spawns with a unique white paintjob and has bulletproof variant, and can be kept after the mission.



The two bystanders who encourage Madd Dogg to jump, Their internal names are HECK1 and HECK2 stating that they are hecklers.

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