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How 'bout I get somebody to write something for me, only they didn't know about it?
OG Loc to Carl Johnson

Madd Dogg's Rhymes is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, given to protagonist Carl Johnson by aspiring rapper OG Loc from the Burger Shot he works at in the Marina area of Los Santos, San Andreas. The mission introduces the player to the ability of stealth kills.


Carl recently stole a load of music equipment for OG Loc's album release party, but it seems that Loc can't rhyme if he doesn't have them to read off. Loc asks CJ to assist him in "borrowing" rhymes from famous rapper Madd Dogg.

Carl heads for Madd Dogg's Crib in Mulholland. He gains access, discovering that the home is heavily guarded by Madd Dogg's security. Nonetheless, Carl, unable to use his weapons apart from a knife, continues the infiltration and uses his stealth to make his way to the studio room, stealing the rhyme book. He exits the mansion in the safest way possible, and heads back to Burger Shot. Carl then meets Loc outside of the restaurant, giving him the rhyme book.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Go to Madd Dogg's Crib.
  • Get to the main door which is around the back of the mansion.
  • Madd Dogg's personal security are patrolling the mansion.
    • Do not use any guns on your way to the rhyme book or you will alert them. Use stealth to steal the rhyme book.
  • Exit the mansion and get the rhyme book back to OG Loc.
    • It's safe to use your weapons now, although it may be less risky if you use stealth to get past any guards on patrol.


The reward for completing this mission is an increase in respect and the mission Management Issues is unlocked. The player is also allowed to keep the knife and remaining ammo for the Silenced 9mm from the mission.

Post mission phone call

Carl Johnson: What's happening?

Tenpenny: Don't try and hit me up with that ghetto babble, boy!

Carl Johnson: Officer Tenpenny. How'd you get my number?

Tenpenny: Ways and means, you piece of shit. You have been trying to avoid me?

Carl Johnson: No sir, I've just been busy, that's all.

Tenpenny: You're not busy unless you're doing something for us, you understand?

Carl Johnson: Yeah. Loud and clear.

Tenpenny: Nice to hear it, Carl. Call into the doughnut place in the middle of Market, we need to talk.


OG Loc is cleaning the floor in WC room in Burger Shot and stops by a mirror.
OG Loc: Hey hey hey, It's OG Loc, homie, and I'm gonna kick it a little something like this... Hey yo, when I come through up in the place, You don't want me to call with a gun in your face...I feel it harded, Than anybody in the world could do, Just like a...
Stranger: Yo! That shit sucks! Damn!
OG Loc: Damn - my shit was whack!
CJ: *enters the room* Hey, what's happening, Loc?
OG Loc: Hey, Carl - what up, man?
CJ: Hey, dude - you ever thought about getting a writer to help you out with this shit?
OG Loc: Yeah, I did. But who, homie, who?
CJ: Shit, I ain't into rap game, you know, that ain't my thing. But we'll have to think about something. Man.
OG Loc: How about if I get somebody to write something for me, only the didn't know about it?
CJ: What?
OG Loc: *laughs* I think I just might have found a ghost writer. I'll become the reciter, all nighter, all righter! Madd Dogg's rhyme book! From his home in the hills!
CJ: Madd Dogg's rhyme book?
OG Loc: Man, you said you'd help, Carl. C'mon, man. I'm hot, Like fire, All nighter, All righter, When I kick it, I feel I hit it...
CJ: Hey hey heyeyeyey. I'll do anything, homie. I swear that. OK?
CJ goes to Madd Dogg's Crib and steals rhyme book from recording studio.
Guard: *plays video game* This sucks. I mean, how could Refractions mess up so bad? Tanner, you suck ass!
CJ exits the crib and goes back to Burger Shot.
CJ: Hey, Loc, I got what you wanted.
OG Loc: Holmes, you ice cold, dude!
CJ: Hey, I'll catch you later.
OG Loc: Peace, homie!


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  • The amplifiers in the studio have a Rockstar Games logo on them.
  • One of the guards playing a video game remarks, "How could Refractions mess up so bad?" and "Tanner, you suck ass!" These are references to the poor reception of DRIV3R, which is considered a GTA Clone, where the protagonist's name is Tanner, and the game is made by Reflections Interactive.
  • The upstairs levels of Madd Dogg's mansion (beyond the point where the rhyme book is) can be explored safely as there are no guards. A silenced pistol can be found in a room with gold records on the walls (down the hall from the studio), and two playable video games.
  • The male pedestrian in the beginning cutscene of this mission (who says "Yo! That shit sucks! Damn!") happens to share the same model as the Ballas member who was smoking in The Introduction. He can also be seen snorting coke with Jizzy B. along with his hoes and other associates in Ice Cold Killa. His name is Bogman, as seen in the files.
  • The BradyGames Official Strategy Guide appears to have been written based upon an early version of the mission, as it indicates that Carl needs to evade police who have been summoned by an alarm being triggered in the mansion. No such event occurs in the final version of the mission.
  • The guard playing the video game looks like he is holding a controller, but is actually holding nothing.
  • According to some internal game files, the Skateboard was supposed to appear instead of the Mountain Bike.
  • During the opening cutscene both OG Loc and Carl look at themselves in a mirror, even though there is no mirror in the bathroom.
  • The guards killed before Carl obtains the rhyme book will not drop their weapons.