Mad Wayne Thunder is a well-known actor in the Vinewood film culture.


Mad Wayne was mainly known for his tremendous strength; It is said he was capable of throwing a cow 50 feet. This earned him the role of the antagonist character, Gregorio, in the Sam Austin classic film, Curse of Triton. Mad Wayne was also an alcoholic, as some of the comments said about him, state that "Whiskey sent Thunder crazier than his nickname", and that he also pissed himself at an award show.


His enormous strength and status of being in films made in the days of "classic" Vinewood/Hollywood is similar to professional wrestler Tor Johnsons, an actor who is known for his parts in the infamous director Ed Wood's films.


  • He has become so famous that he even have a street in Los Santos named after him and his own star on the Vinewood Walk of Fame.
  • His name might be a parody of a film Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome.


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