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Macbeth is a brand of Scottish whisky in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online.


Macbeth is a 12-year-aged single malt scotch whisky containing 43% alcohol, with royal approval.

In GTA Online, the Macbeth whisky can be bought and consumed in Nightclubs and The Diamond Casino & Resort by the player for $350. After doing so, the player will take a shot of the whisky and will pass out seconds later and wake up again in one of several random locations. In very rare instances, the player can respawn on top of the Epsilon Building, where they will wake up wearing a Kifflom T-Shirt and unlock it in the "Unlocks" menu of Special T-Shirts. In rare instances when consumed in the casino, the Damage Control Casino Work will trigger.


Macbeth may be based on The Macallan, which features a similar name and logo.



  • The whisky brand is likely named after Macbeth, who was the king of Scotland from 1032 to 1057.
    • The king's full name was Mac Bethad, which means "son of life". Literally; "Son of Life Whisky".
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