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This article (or section) refers to content in the Enhanced version for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC release of Grand Theft Auto Online that may be absent from other versions.
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MOTOMAMI Los Santos is a radio station featured in Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the The Contract update.[1]


An all-new station, MOTOMAMI Los Santos hosted by ROSALÍA and longtime Rockstar collaborator Arca, plays everything from artists such as Caroline Polachek to Daddy Yankee, Mr. Fingers, and Aventura, as well as ROSALÍA's first single from her forthcoming MOTOMAMI album, “LA FAMA” with The Weeknd, tracks from Arca, and an exclusive song from Bad Gyal produced by The Music Locker’s own Keinemusik, and much more.
— Rockstar Newswire

The station is hosted by Spanish singer & songwriter ROSALÍA and Venezuelan musician Arca. The station commenced broadcasting on December 15, 2021.

ROSALÍA and Arca often speak and address their listeners in Spanish, but sometimes will also speak in English, switching between sentences.


Song: Preview:
"A La Mía" by Bad Gyal (2021)
"Duro 2005" by La Goony Chonga (2019)
"Skinny Jeans" by Likkle Vybz & Likkle Addi (2019)
"Nubes" by Rauw Alejandro (2021)
"Machote" by Arca (2020)
"Bounce N Break Yo Back" by DJ Spinn (2017)
"Dos Locos" by Monchy & Alexandra (2006)
"Volando Voy" by Camarón de la Isla (1979)
"100% of Disin' You" by Armando (1988)
"A Palé" by ROSALÍA (2019)
"Con Altura feat. El Guincho" by ROSALÍA & J Balvin (2019)
"LA FAMA" by ROSALÍA feat. The Weeknd (2021)
"Mystery of Love" by Mr. Fingers (1985)
"Salgo Pa’ la Calle" by Daddy Yankee (2008)
"Tukuntaso" by Tokischa, Haraca Kiko, El Cherry Scom (2021)
"Take Me Where Your Heart Is" by Q (2020)
"Vacilar Contigo" by Ñejo & Dalmata (2012)
"XULITA feat. Kaydy Cain" by Young Cister (2020)
"Body So Good" by Popcaan (2018)
"Calle Luna Calle Sol" by Willie Colón & Héctor Lavoe (1973)
"Tumbando Fronte" by Alberto Stylee (2006)
"Dominicana" by Chucky73 (2021)
"Mi Corazoncito" by Aventura (1999)
"418 (Bounce Mix)" by DJ Slugo (2008)
"Algo Como Tú (feat. Los Del Control)" by Kaydy Cain (2019)
"Bunny Is A Rider" by Caroline Polachek (2021)
"KLK" by Arca feat. ROSALÍA (2020)
"Linda" by Tokischa & ROSALÍA (2021)
"DI MI NOMBRE (Cap.8: Éxtasis)" by ROSALÍA (2018)
"Stress" by Justice (2007)
"Vamos Pa la Disco" by Las Guanábanas (2005)
"Rockstar Made" by Playboi Carti (2020)
"Snap And Roll" by Soulja Boy (2007)




  • The radio station is named after ROSALÍA's album MOTOMAMI.

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