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Military issue M60s. Now found as weapon of choice for well-funded private militias.
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The M60 is a machine gun featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories.


3D Universe

As the name suggests, the weapon is based on the M60 machine gun, specifically the M60E1 model. Its bipod is folded and the belt box is not inserted. Instead, the bullet belt drapes off the gun, and incorrectly feeds in from the right. Additionally, the front sight is facing backwards.


3D Universe

The M60 is the strongest firearm in terms of damage per bullet; the M60 takes down a police helicopter within 36 rounds, whereas most bullet-based weapons (including the Minigun) need 176 rounds to take one down. Additionally, the M60's bullets knock targets down just like shotguns and the Python, and can aim in first person just like assault rifles, with the bonus of having a 100-round load. It has a long range accuracy, and it is the only Heavy Weapon with which the player can both move to a normal walking pace and jump with it, since the M60 is wielded as an assault rifle. In GTA Liberty City Stories, it has a faster rate of fire than in Vice City.

3D Universe Overview

Weapon Statistics - 3D Universe
Damage Fire Rate [?] Range
(m / ft)
Ammo Specifications/
Reload Mechanism Reload Speed
130 (GTA Vice City) 1 (GTA Vice City) 75 / 246 (GTA Vice City) 100 (GTA Vice City) N/A 500 (GTA Vice City)
N/A 460 RPM (GTA Vice City)

625 RPM (GTA Liberty City Stories)

Cannot be determined 100-round disintegrating belt Charging handle 0.5 seconds

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In-game model

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Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories



  • The M60's firing sound is shared with the Hunter's chain gun.
  • The weapon model shows the belt feeding from the right side instead of the left for the real M60.
  • If the player shoots at a VCPD helicopter while scoped and firing with slow speed, the helicopter gets destroyed much quicker than shooting streight at it with a high firing rate.
  • The M60 was originally supposed to be in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, but was cut in development. [citation/verification needed]

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