Lynch Street LTA is a subway stop on the Liberty City Subway system, located in Station Square at the border of the Meadow Hills and Willis neighborhoods of Dukes.

Station design

Lynch Street LTA is notable for its immense size, beautiful architecture, and grandiose station design. Staying with the theme of Meadow Hills being Liberty City's Forest Hills, the entire station is designed almost exactly like Forest Hills' historic, Tudor-style Long Island Rail Road station. The LIRR's station influence is apparent even in the length of the platforms, which are almost two times as long as a subway train.

The "southbound" platform (towards the airport) features two exits (a long ramp at the far east end and a stairway at the far west end), which lead to the southern side of Station Square (Lynch Street).

The "northbound" (towards Algonquin) platform is the crown gem of this station, however; two ramps leading to the northern side of Station Square (Savannah Avenue) are present here, as well as the station's main entrance at the intersection of Seymour Avenue and Savannah Avenue in the center of the platform. At both extreme ends, two enclosed, Tudor-style bridges connect the platform to the large station house across Savannah Avenue (unfortunately, neither the bridges nor the station house may be accessed).


  • Like with Hove Beach, If one tries to board the train going to Algonquin before completing Elizabeth Torres second mission. The game will force one to disembark and the police will be called


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