A beta Luton intended for GTA III.

CapitalAutos (Website)

Capital Auto showing the Luton on their website.

The Luton is a van/truck that was never released in Grand Theft Auto III but is featured on the Capital Autos website.[1] Its cargo box is very similar to that of the Mule, however it resembles the 1994 - 2003 facelift of the second generation Ford Transit, seen particularly in the greenhouse-to-bonnet design and large light units.

The name is presumably taken from "luton", a British terminology for a box truck with an overhanging peak, which the Luton and the Mule feature.

It is unknown whether the Mr. Wongs and the Triad Fish Van were based on the Luton during the development of GTA III or if they were always based on the Ford E-Series.


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