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"Dismissed as 'over the top' for the 90s pro wrestling circuit, the Albany Lurcher was a car ahead of its time. Since then American society has moved on, and this forgotten gem has been taken to heart as the centerpiece of choice for funeral orgies across the nation. Don't take chances when it comes to your legacy: accessorize your demise, and turn your death into a statement that nobody wants to hear. "
Southern San Andreas Super Autos webpage.

The Albany Lurcher is a four-door hearse added to Grand Theft Auto Online as part of the Halloween Surprise Update.


It is essentially a hearse built upon the chassis of a Buccaneer, featuring the front section, window, grille, fenders and headlights of a Buccaneer, with a hearse compartment similar to that of the Romero at the rear. The car features an open coffin in the rear compartment, containing a mannequin of a zombie that is attempting to climb out of the coffin and is clawing at the vehicle's rear window with its left hand.


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  • The Lurcher's name is likely a reference to the character Lurch from the television sitcom (and film series) The Addams Family, in which Lurch was the family's imposing, mute butler.
    • The other vehicle added in the Halloween Surprise, the Fränken Stange, is a reference to The Munsters, another sitcom with a similar premise to The Addams Family that is often seen as a direct competitor.
  • The zombie hanging out of the coffin in the trunk has eyes that illuminate when in more darkly lit areas. This can be more easily seen at night, when they are at their brightest. Its right hand can also shake with the car's movements.
  • The Lurcher's horn is very unique, as it plays a sound akin to an organ in an ominous tone to it.


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