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The Lupisella Crime Family is the fourth-most powerful Mafia family of Liberty City and part of Commission. The family operates in Bohan.


The Lupisella Crime Family was one of the five original Italian crime syndicates that were formed in Liberty City in the early 20th century, a period during which the Lupisellas founded a union with the Gambettis, Pavanos, Messinas and Ancelottis, called The Commission. Years later, the Lupisellas would be considered the fourth strongest, or alternatively the second weakest family, behind only the Ancelottis.

The family's roots are mostly unknown, although by the 1950's the family was headed by Vincent Lupisella, who fought and killed his twin brother in struggle for the family's leadership, which indicates there was at least one leader before Vincent himself, combined with the fact that Vincent was only in his teens when the five families made a truce. During his reign, the Lupiselles were believed to control many major rackets in the city.

Eventually, Vincent decided to retire from his position, possibly because of his Alzheimers, and was succeeded by his nephew Mark. Despite leaving the family, many people still believe Vincent to be in charge, which indicates that Mark has only recently been appointed Don. Due to his low IQ and violent nature, Mark received the nickname "Loopy".

The Lupisellas also had a hitman named Sonny Honorato; Honorato has served as the crime family's main hitman for quite some time, despite his old age, however by 2008 he is said to be deceased. A notable associate along with Honorato was Moe Schwartz, who, unlike Honorato, wasn't a full member of the family because of his Jewish ancestry. He worked as an accountant for the family, making it the only Liberty City Crime syndicate that the Federal Government has been unable to charge with tax irregularities.

Members and Associates


  • Vincent Lupisella - officially retired, the family's original Don is rumored to still be running things.
  • Mark Lupisella aka "Loopy" - nephew of Vincent Lupisella and officially the current Don despite widespread rumors that Vincent is still in charged.
  • Sonny Honorato - (Deceased), family's main hitman, despite his age.



The Lupisella family could be based on the Lucchese crime family, which is one of the Five Families in New York City and is based in Lower West Manhattan (Algonquin) and the Southeast Bronx (Bohan).


  • Luis Lopez says to have had a connection and relation with Dani Lupisella, Mark Lupisella's daughter.
  • "Lupi-sella" translates roughly from Italian as "Wolves' saddle."