This article or section refers to "enhanced version" content in the Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC renditions of Grand Theft Auto V and/or Grand Theft Auto Online, that is absent on the Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3 versions.
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The Lucky Wheel is a type of gambling added with the The Diamond Casino & Resort update, released on July 23, 2019. It can be found in the main lobby of The Diamond Casino & Resort.


The Lucky Wheel is the most straightforward gambling method available at the casino. After purchasing a one-off standard casino membership for $500, the player can spin the wheel freely, but it can only be used once per real-life 24 hours per account. Just like other types of gambling inside the casino, spinning the wheel may be prohibited in some countries.

The player simply needs to walk up to the wheel and spin it, and they are awarded whatever is marked on the spot it lands on.


Unlike most gambling games in the casino, players can win an assortment of prizes. Each prize has a 5% chance of being gifted, as there are 20 spots on the wheel. These are:


(25% chance)

  • 2,500
  • 5,000
  • 7,500
  • 10,000
  • 15,000


(20% chance)

  • $20,000
  • $30,000
  • $40,000
  • $50,000
    • Winnings will be given directly to the player, not deposited in the bank.


(20% chance)

  • 10,000
  • 15,000
  • 20,000
  • 25,000


(20% chance)

  • 4 chances to win a random clothing item or outfit.

Vehicle Discount

(5% chance)


You won a 10% vehicle discount.

Vehicle discounts are available for a limited time only. Go to the Inventory section of the Interaction Menu to check your discounts and the time remaining before they expire.
  • A single-use, 10% discount on a randomly chosen dealership website: The player can choose what vehicle to use with this discount. Vehicles listed on or are unavailable for the discount. The discount lasts one in-game day (48 minutes real-time).
    • The discount will take effect whenever the player confirms a purchase. A notification will pop up that gives one the option to use the discount or not.
    • Vehicular properties (i.e. Galaxy Super Yacht, Mobile Operations Center, Avenger, Terrorbyte[citation/verification needed]) will not be discounted.
    • If there is already a discount available on the vehicle, the 10% is applied to the reduced price, it does not take a further 10% off the original retail price. i.e. If a $100,000 vehicle is on sale for $50,000, a further $5,000 is deducted making the price $45,000.


(5% chance)


You won a mystery prize.

  • If the wheel lands on the Mystery prize, the player has a chance of being gifted one out of a large pool of items. This includes clothes, casino chips, RP, money, ammo, snacks, or armor. It also has a chance of refilling one of the player's MC Businesses, their Bunker or Warehouse, as well as a chance of giving the player a rare Special Cargo item. There are also over 130 vehicles that have a possibility of being won.
    • All of the vehicles are purchasable from websites, except for the Lost Slamvan, which can only be obtained by winning it on the wheel, making it the most difficult vehicle to legitimately own in the game, having a roughly 1 in 20,000 chance to obtain via wheel spin.
      • Vehicles are awarded with the first default look chosen, so for most vehicles, this would be in black.
Mystery prize catalog.
Snacks: Drinks Pack of Redwood
Full Ammo: (e.g. Sniper; ) Full Armor Clothing
RP (15,000; 5,000; 2,500; ) Cash ($100,000; $25,000; $20,000; ) Chips (25,000; 15,000; 10,000; 7,500; 5,000; )
Resupply: A random Special Cargo item Mystery Vehicle
Mystery Vehicle prize catalog.
9F 9F Cabrio Akuma Alpha
Bagger Baller Banshee Bati 801
Bati 801RR Injection BF-400 Bifta
Blade Blazer Blista Compact BMX
Brioso R/A Buccaneer Buffalo Bullet
Burger Shot Stallion Carbon RS Carbonizzare Cheburek
Chino Cognoscenti Cognoscenti Cabrio Comet
Coquette Coquette Classic Cruiser Cuban 800
Defiler Diabolus Dodo Dominator
Double T Dukes Endurex Race Bike Enduro
Esskey Exemplar F620 Faction
Fagaloa Faggio Faggio Sport FCR 1000
Felon Felon GT Feltzer FQ 2
Fugitive Furore GT Futo Gauntlet
Glendale Turismo R Hakuchou Dinghy (heist variant)
Hexer Hot Rod Blazer Hotknife Impaler
Infernus Infernus Classic Intruder Issi
Issi Classic Jackal JB 700 Jester
Jester (Racecar) Jetmax Kalahari Kamacho
Khamelion Kuruma Lost Slamvan Mammatus
Manchez Marquis Massacro Massacro (Racecar)
Merryweather Mesa Minivan Monroe Moonbeam
Nemesis Nightblade Oracle XS Panto
Patriot PCJ 600 Penumbra Picador
Pigalle Pißwasser Dominator Prairie Primo
Rapid GT (coupé & roadster) Rat-Truck Redwood Gauntlet Rhapsody
Rocket Voltic Ruffian Ruiner Ruston
Sabre Turbo Sanchez Sanchez (livery) Schafter
Schafter V12 Scorcher Seashark Serrano
Slamvan Squalo Stallion Street Blazer
Sultan Super Diamond Surano Tampa
Tornado Tornado Rat Rod Toros Tri-Cycles Race Bike
Vacca Velum Virgo Virgo Classic
Voltic Voodoo Washington XLS
Zion Cabrio Zombie Bobber


(5% chance)

  • The current Podium Vehicle. The prize vehicle rotates after every Event Week. Players will need to select the property where they want to store it.
  • For the rest of the event week, the podium will be empty for podium vehicle winners but will still be available on the player's second character.
  • If the player has already received the weekly podium vehicle in a previous spin and lands on the vehicle prize again before the weekly prize rotation, the player will be rewarded 20,000 RP instead.

Podium Prize Vehicles


You won the podium vehicle.

The player character will react with celebratory excitement. This prize triggers a congratulations message on the PA system, an explosion graphic of golden confetti on the digital wall screens, and a text from Tom Connors:

"Hey, a little bird told me we have a big winner... CONGRATULATIONS! That's a nice set of wheels. I'm already raising a glass of bubbly on your behalf. Your mechanic has the keys, so give them a call and take it for a spin."
Date From Date To Image Make Model Livery
2019-07-23 2019-07-31

(No advertisement available)

Truffade Thrax None
2019-07-31 2019-08-07
Grotti Turismo Classic N/A
2019-08-07 2019-08-14
Pegassi Infernus Classic N/A
2019-08-14 2019-08-21
Dinka Jester Classic None
2019-08-21 2019-08-28
Benefactor Schlagen GT None
2019-08-28 2019-09-04
Cheval Taipan N/A
2019-09-04 2019-09-11
Truffade Nero N/A
2019-09-11 2019-09-18
Bravado Gauntlet Classic None
2019-09-18 2019-09-25
Enus Stafford None
2019-09-25 2019-10-02
Declasse Mamba Orange Retro Racer
2019-10-02 2019-10-09
Ocelot Swinger None
2019-10-09 2019-10-16
Principe Deveste Eight None
2019-10-16 2019-10-23
Ocelot Locust None
2019-10-23 2019-10-30
Vapid Caracara 4x4 White Vapid Double Stripe
2019-10-30 2019-11-06
LCC Sanctus None
2019-11-06 2019-11-13
Vysser Neo None
2019-11-13 2019-11-20
Ocelot Stromberg N/A
2019-11-20 2019-11-27
Benefactor Krieger None
2019-11-27 2019-12-04
Bravado Gauntlet Hellfire Bravado Racing
2019-12-04 2019-12-11
Vapid Flash GT Classic Race Flags
2019-12-11 2019-12-18

(No advertisement available)

Lampadati Komoda None
2019-12-18 2019-12-25
Ocelot Ardent Deck the Halls
2019-12-25 2020-01-02
Vapid Clique Merry Cliquemas
2020-01-02 2020-01-08
Pfister Comet Safari It's a Wrap
2020-01-08 2020-01-15
Obey 8F Drafter Val De Grace
2020-01-15 2020-01-22
Karin Everon Harsh Souls
2020-01-22 2020-01-29
Progen Emerus Hexagon Blue
2020-01-29 2020-02-05
Pegassi Oppressor None
2020-02-05 2020-02-12
Grotti Furia Tricolor
2020-02-12 2020-02-19
Albany Roosevelt Valor N/A
2020-02-19 2020-02-26
Progen PR4 Redwood Racing
2020-02-26 2020-03-04

(No advertisement available)

Maxwell Vagrant Naval Geometric
2020-03-04 2020-03-11
Överflöd Imorgon Overflod Stripes
2020-03-11 2020-03-18
Nagasaki Shotaro N/A
2020-03-18 2020-03-25
Dewbauchee JB 700W N/A
2020-03-25 2020-04-01
Übermacht Zion Classic Übermacht
2020-04-01 2020-04-08
Pegassi Tempesta N/A
2020-04-08 2020-04-15
Imponte Deluxo N/A
2020-04-15 2020-04-22
Ocelot Pariah White Pointed Stripes
2020-04-22 2020-04-29
Karin Sultan Classic Karin Performance
2020-04-29 2020-05-06
Pegassi Reaper N/A
2020-05-06 2020-05-13
Coil Cyclone None
2020-05-13 2020-05-20
Grotti Itali GTO Urban Racer
2020-05-20 2020-05-27
Bravado Half-track Winter Camo
2020-05-27 2020-06-03
Weeny Issi Classic None
2020-06-03 2020-06-10

(No advertisement available)

Übermacht SC1 N/A
2020-06-10 2020-06-17
Pegassi Torero N/A
2020-06-17 2020-06-24
Ocelot R88 Escalera
2020-06-24 2020-07-01
Declasse Scramjet Classic Flames
2020-07-01 2020-07-08
Western Sovereign Fixed
2020-07-08 2020-07-15
Dewbauchee Vagner N/A
2020-07-15 2020-07-22
Lampadati Komoda White Lampadati Race Stripes
2020-07-22 2020-07-29
Progen GP1 N/A
2020-07-29 2020-08-10
Dinka Sugoi Wave
2020-08-10 2020-08-17

(No advertisement available)

Emperor ETR1 None
2020-08-17 2020-08-26
Pfister 811 N/A
2020-08-26 2020-09-02
Progen PR4 Estancia Tobacco
2020-09-02 2020-09-09
Maibatsu Penumbra FF Kisama Beer
2020-09-09 2020-09-16
Invetero Coquette D10 Twin White Racing Stripes
2020-09-16 2020-09-23
Progen Itali GTB N/A
2020-09-24 2020-09-30
Declasse DR1 Demonoil Motorsports
2020-10-01 2020-10-07
Coil Brawler N/A
2020-10-08 2020-10-14
Lampadati Tigon Yellow Double Stripes
2020-10-15 2020-10-21
Ocelot XA-21 N/A
2020-10-22 2020-10-28
Annis S80RR Chepalle
2020-10-29 2020-11-04
Albany Fränken Stange Blazing Death
2020-11-05 2020-11-11
Vapid Caracara 4x4 Atomic Sponsor
2020-11-12 2020-11-18
RUNE Zhaba Urban Warrior
2020-11-19 2020-11-25
Överflöd Autarch N/A
2020-11-26 2020-12-09
Benefactor BR8 The Quick Fix

The podium vehicle can be sold, but has $0 value unless the player has applied additional customization after winning it, in which case they will get 50% of the modification costs back.

  • If the podium vehicle comes with a livery, it can be sold for 50% of the cost of said livery.



  • Prior to The Diamond Casino Heist Update, PC players were able to spin the wheel once every 24 hours on both characters on an account, but this was changed to match the console versions where the daily spin timer was shared between the two characters.
  • With the Los Santos Summer Special update, players are now notified when or if the next spin of the wheel is available upon entering the casino. This only applies to the character that last spun the wheel, so if the player swaps character, the countdown timer will not appear.


  1. Sugoi prize won Aug 1st and Aug 9th on same character.


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