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I need someone no one knows to oversee a deal I'm not sure about.
Elizabeta Torres

Luck Of The Irish is the first mission given by Elizabeta Torres in Grand Theft Auto IV. This mission serves as a Sniper Rifle tutorial.


Elizabeta asks Niko to keep watch over a deal involving Patrick McReary that she isn't too comfortable with.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Go to the building in South Bohan.
  • Go to the roof and pick up the sniper rifle.
  • Make your way to the vantage point.
  • Packie and his associates have arrived. Watch over the meeting with the sniper rifle.
  • Take out all of the attackers.
  • Protect Packie.
  • Packie is in trouble find him and help him.
  • Shoot through the windshield to hit the driver. (if he gets in the car.)


Niko heads over to the building on Joliet Street. He heads up the stairs and collects the Sniper Rifle from the corner the player exits. The player then goes around the escape and steps into the yellow marker. The game then gives a tutorial about how to use a sniper. Packie arrives with the "stuff." The dealers then begin to shoot at Patrick and his unnamed associate.

Niko snipes all of the men and some more pour in. With the sniper rifle, he takes out all of the attackers. One of the attackers gets in a tussle with Patrick, and Niko snipes him, and then three more attackers will arrive. Once the three attackers have been taken out, the last attacker will attempt to escape in the van. Niko snipes him through the windshield and the mission is completed. Afterwards, Niko calls Elizabeta to let her know that Patrick is safe.


  • The dealers - Killed by Niko for setting up Packie.
  • Packie's associate (optional) - Can be killed by the dealers during the shoot out, can also be killed by Niko.


  • Niko will inform Elizabeta that Packie is safe. She will respond by saying that "Mallorie was right" and that "Packie must be relieved", she also tells Niko that she has more work for him.
  • Michelle will call Niko, saying to be careful around Elizabeta Torres because she's a dealer.
  • Little Jacob will call, saying that Elizabeta is a good business woman, but beware of her bad side.
  • Roman will call Niko, saying to watch some American TV at the apartment.

Video Walkthrough



  • Once the mission completed tune plays, the player can easily shoot Packie without the mission failing, even destroying his car with an RPG. He will still show up later in the storyline, since it does not affect it. The same happens in the mission Ladies Half Price in The Ballad of Gay Tony.  
  • As Packie and Niko exit Elizabeta's building, Packie will mention the rifle on the roof. However, he says the rifle is "up on the place next door", while in truth, the rifle is on the roof of the building across the street.  
  • The rifle left on the roof must be taken even if Niko already has a sniper rifle. If the player wastes all the ammo of the sniper rifle before going to the marker, Packie will be killed instantly and the mission will fail. However, the player does not have to use the sniper rifle, and can use any other weapon without fail.  
  • If Niko leaves the rooftop after the gunfight begins, Packie will be killed instantly.  
  • It is possible to kill Packie's associate during the shootout, however, this will not result into failing the mission and won't have any effect on the storyline. The player will only fail the mission if anybody involved in the deal is killed before the shootout or if Packie is killed.
  • This is the first official appearance of Patrick McReary (not counting his cameo in First Date).
  • There are two flying rats on the corner of the building to the north of the alley in which the deal took place, that Niko can easily shoot.
  • The van at the meeting place is a Pony
  • In rare cases, if the player shoots the attacker entering the van before he starts it, the van becomes submerged underground and only the roof and the top part of the windshield can be seen.
  • During the beginning of the mission, Packie refers to Niko as his "guardian angel". This may be a reference to a mission similar to this in which the player must monitor and protect an associate from a rooftop during a drug deal which also ends with a shootout.
  • If the player fails the mission, Niko will call Elizabeta, like in all other missions, but as she is not in Niko's phone yet, the phone says "Calling...Unknown Caller".
  • This is the first appearance of Elizabeta Torres.
  • This mission introduces the sniper rifle, as such two spawn locations of it are unlocked after the mission – one in Steinway and one on the Platypus in East Hook.
  • During the cutscene when Packie and Niko are walking away from Elizabeta's apartment, Packie will refer to Joliet Street as 'Joilet' Street.