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For the voice actress who voiced Adriana Yanira Lopez in The Ballad of Gay Tony, see Lucia Armendariz.

This article pertains to content due to appear in the upcoming release of Grand Theft Auto VI.
The subject of this article is still developing and thus may be incomplete and/or not verified.

Lucia is a character in the Grand Theft Auto series, due to appear as one of the protagonists in Grand Theft Auto VI.

She is one of the few female protagonists in the series – the eighth one overall and the second in the current HD Universe continuity[1][2] – debuting as the first major, non-selectable female protagonist with voice acting and a unique personality. Her voice actress is currently unknown.



Lucia is a female criminal, doing her time at a prison complex in the State of Leonida in the mid-2020s for an unknown crime.

At the time of her incarceration, it appears that Stefanie was assigned as her correctional social worker.

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As per the context of the Trailer 1 showing Lucia and her accomplice robbing various places in many different Leonida counties, the duo appears to be inspired by the real-life American criminals Bonnie and Clyde, the former being also previously used as the inspiration for Catalina in the 3D Universe of the series.

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  • In the official announcement artwork for Grand Theft Auto VI featuring Lucia and her accomplice, their personal vehicle appears to have bullet holes on it, referencing Bonnie & Clyde's death car in real-life.
  • Lucia shares a few traits with Katie, one of the protagonists in the original Grand Theft Auto, who is also depicted as a Latina and has a crime record in Vice City from the 2D Universe canon, albeit she shares her crime record with the other protagonists.
    • Her character is also very similar to Sadie Adler from Red Dead Redemption 2, as she is a female robber, is a companion to the male protagonist and both are proficient with fire arms.
  • Coincidentally, while Vice City's reboot in the 3D Universe introduced the first voiced male protagonist in the series (Tommy Vercetti), Vice City's reboot in the HD Universe introduced Lucia, the first voiced female protagonist in the series.
  • She along with Katie, Ulrika, Mikki, Divine, Candy, Gretchen and the GTA Online Protagonist are the only protagonists to be female to date, and the only to have a voice actress.


  1. Erroneously described as the series' first female protagonist by multiple gaming news sites – Silent female protagonists are featured in Grand Theft Auto (1997) and (as a replacement) in the Game Boy Color version of Grand Theft Auto 2 (2000).
  2. Grand Theft Auto Online (2013) is considered an independent title by Rockstar North.[1][2] – Both player-choosen genders for the GTA Online Protagonist are treated as canon with unique gender-based cutscene dialogue for each one. They are referred to with gender-neutral pronouns outside of GTA Online to avoid a canon gender.


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