Luca Silvestri (1978-2008), his Italian name being Luca, is an associate to the Pegorino Family led by James Pegorino. Luca is 30 years old. He is a close friend and also an associate to Johnny Barbosa and Joseph DiLeo who are other associates of the gang. Luca is the second oldest associate to the gang. He is a waste collecter working with John Barbosa and Joseph DiLeo for Ray Boccino to collect the garbage bags filled with diamonds.

When Niko leaves them they keep the diamonds for themselves and Ray sends Niko to get the diamonds back. Niko goes to the place where they were last seen, Luca and his boys planned on taking the diamonds and moving to Las Venturas, after Niko realizes this a car chase ensues. They crash their car in Middle Park and then Niko corners Luca, who has resorted to locking himself in a bathroom stall. Niko busts the door down, and kills Luca. If Niko uses a pistol to kill Luca, a cinematic execution is shown. Niko informs Ray about the situation, and then Ray says that he didn't want Luca or any of them to die after being told of their deaths.


  • Despite what many people think, Silvestri does not share a voice actor with Joseph Kaplan. Silvestri is voiced by Robert Kelly while Kaplan is voiced by Jim Norton. The two have appeared together many times on the Opie & Anthony radio show, where the similartiy in thier voices has been noted
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