Luca Silvestri's crew is a small group featured in Grand Theft Auto IV.



Lucas's crew is a small team within the Alderney-based Pegorino crime family, headed by Luca Silvestri, a soldato in the family. Luca often works two enforcers of the Pegorinos, Joseph DiLeo and Johnny Barbosa, known as "Joe Tuna" and "Johnny Spaz, respectively. By 2008, Luca's crew answers directy to Ray Boccino, the caporegime of the Pegorinos.

Events of GTA IV

Searching for the diamonds

After Ray's associate, The Lost MC President Johnny Klebitz leaves diamonds in the trash under Boccino's orders, Luca and his team are told to be dressed as Liberty Sanitation Department employees so they could pick up the diamonds.

Ray teams up the crew with his newest associate - Niko Bellic - so he would serve as a backup and driver. The group manages to secure the diamonds and avoid an attack from a rival Mafia family.

After Niko brings the trash to the LS department, he leaves the diamonds to Luca after the latter claims they take the stash to Ray.

Betraying the Pegorinos


Luca's crew preparing to escape.

However, Luca and his team decide to cross over Ray and the Pegorino and steal the diamonds for themselves so they could leave for Las Venturas. Ray sends Niko to retrieve the diamonds from Luca's crew who escapes in a Lokus, with intentions of lying to Ray that it was Niko who took the diamonds for himself.

Niko gives a chase to the crew, which ends with the Lokus crashed in Middle Park, leading Luca's crew to escape on foot. Niko guns down almost every member of Luca's crew before starting a search for Luca himself. He eventually finds Luca in a toilet stall, and excutes the traior, effectively dissolving the crew.

While Ray was pleased that the dismonds returned to him, he was somewhat upset with the demise of Luca's crew, scolding Niko that he only ordered to retrieve the diamonds, not killing the traitors





  • While the team is not named by any character, the game refers it to Luca's Crew.

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