The Love Wagon is a van in the first Grand Theft Auto.


Grand Theft Auto

It resembles a Volkswagen Type 2 bus or Kombi, with a stereotypical hippie paint job, a flower scheme and the text "LOVE" on the roof.


Grand Theft Auto

The Love Wagon has poor handling and performance, as well as having a very wide turning radius.


Grand Theft Auto

  • This vehicle can be found only in San Andreas. It is featured in two missions. During mission Mandarin Mayhem - Phone 3: Mission 2, the player has to take El Burro's rigged Love Wagon to Hang Yu's garage to have the bomb disarmed, and then drive it back. In mission Tequila Slammer - Phone 7: Mission 2, the protagonist has to navigate Model Cars with explosives from a Love Wagon to a gang's drug lab. Apart from these, there are two Kill Frenzy Love Wagons on each level of San Andreas, the player must accumulate enough points within the time limit using, explosive Model Cars. Exiting the vehicle cancels the Kill Frenzy. The Love Wagon can be driven once the Kill Frenzy is completed, failed or cancelled.

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