Love Media is a fictional media conglomerate in the 3D Universe.


Grand Theft Auto III

Founded and owned by Donald Love, Love Media is described as "The fastest growing US-run media conglomerate in the past five years", controlling approximately "900 radio stations, 300 television stations, 4 networks, 3 satellites, [and] 10 senators", with the Love Media brand name. Its base of operation is situated in south Bedford Point, Staunton Island, Liberty City.

Love's announcements or related commercials are evident in certain player accessed radio stations, including Head Radio, Flashback 95.6, Double Cleff FM, and Chatterbox FM. Love Media also owns the Liberty Tree, Liberty City's local newspaper. Other acquisitions and interests include pet food (Bitch'n' Dog Food) and health insurance.

Donald Love's operations in Liberty City are believed to have started in early-2001, indicating that Love Media was quick in either its founding or acquisition of many companies in Liberty City within months (the time period of GTA III is supposedly late 2001). This was as a response to the return of Barry Harcross, a recently acquitted businessman and long time rival of Donald Love, to the city. However, several possible continuity errors are also noted: Love had apparently operated in Liberty City in 1998 (although he was seen working in a different office building) and already owns several radio stations and newspapers, contrary to what the aforementioned 2001 Liberty Tree articles claims.

Following Donald Love's disappearance in late 2001, the ownership of the company is left unknown.



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