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Not to be confused with Love Juice, the product with the same name.

Jezz Torrent: "We need some drugs, pal! Gonna get on the old Love Fist fury, you know?!"
Tommy Vercetti: "Well, this is Vice City, man. What's the problem?"
Dick: "Love Juice, man!"
Percy: "We need Love Juice, man, you know?"
Tommy Vercetti: "Love Juice?"
Jezz Torrent: "Aye, two parts boomshine, 1 part trumpet, 5 fizz bombs and a liter of petrol. Can you help us out, pal?"
—The Love Fist band asks Tommy Vercetti to pick up the "Love Juice" ingredients.

Love Juice is the first mission in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City given to protagonist Tommy Vercetti by rock band Love Fist from their recording studio in Downtown Vice City.


Tommy meets up with Kent Paul and is introduced to the Love Fist band. The band wants a specific drug called Love Juice and wants Tommy to get it for them. Tommy heads to a location to meet with the drug dealer. The drug dealer has what Tommy needs but takes off with the money and attempts to escape on his PCJ 600. Tommy chases and kills the drug dealer and manages to retrieve the drug. Seconds later, Kent Paul calls and informs Tommy that Love Fist wants some company. Tommy heads to Mercedes' apartment to pick her up for the band. Tommy and Mercedes manage to reach the recording studio before the band is needed on stage.

Mission objectives

In order to complete the mission, the player must:

  • Go and collect the 'Love Juice' ingredients from the dealer.
  • Sound the horn.
  • Kill the dealer and get the drugs!
  • Go and collect Mercedes from her apartment.
  • Get the 'Love Juice' and Mercedes to the band before they are needed on stage.

Post mission phone call

Kent Paul: How you doin' mate? It's Paulo again. Look Tommy, I forgot to mention we're going to need some extra muscle for the concert. A bit of security. There's a biker gang led by Mitch Baker, it would be great publicity. Very rock and roll, baby. Sort this out for me and I'll get you some back stage passes for the gig, alright?


The reward for completing this mission is $2,000 and the missions Psycho Killer and Alloy Wheels of Steel are unlocked.


  • In some occasions, after sounding the horn to call the drug dealer, the drug dealer will not appear but his dialogue and voice plays. Then, the game softlocks.
  • When landing a Maverick into the marker (When picking up Mercedes), sometimes, the Maverick will not land completely and when Mercedes attempts to enter it, she will get bumped by the helicopter and drops down the floor. When she stands, she freezes and the player's game is softlocked. This can also happen if the player tries picking her up in a one-seated vehicle.
  • One should be careful when landing next to Mercedes as the blades could decapitate her.
  • Another similar glitch occurs if the car that the player is driving flips upside-down during the cutscene where the player picks up Mercedes. The dialogue will play, but she will not be able to enter the car, and Tommy cannot exit the vehicle (picture seen below). The only way to close the game is to force-close it.


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