Not to be confused with the Love Fist Limo, a modified version of the Stretch.

Official Rockstar Games artwork of Love Fist. From left to right: Willy, Percy, Jezz, Dick.

Love Fist is a fictional Scottish heavy metal band prominently featured in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and mentioned in many of the following games since. A single member of the band, Willy, appears in Grand Theft Auto V.

The name "Love Fist" is a reference to fisting, an extreme form of penetration.


Grand Theft Auto: Vice City

The band is composed of Jezz Torrent ("Jizz" if said with a Scottish accent, a slang term for semen) and Willy, Dick, and Percy (all slang terms for the penis). Willy is the only band member that does not accompany the band when they go out into the city since Tommy chauffeurs them. Tommy Vercetti performs various tasks for the band in Vice City, such as saving them from a murderous fan out to kill them and attaining their "love juice" (a mix of cocaine, boomshine, fizz bombs and petrol), which they claim to need before they go on stage. He also brings them Mercedes Cortez to "keep them company."

Love Fist is managed by Kent Paul in 1986 and at the time are on their "Steel Heart Stone Cold Prostate" tour, which, during its stop in Vice City, had security provided by Big Mitch Baker's biker gang. By 1992, they are only a three-man band, as seen on a Vinyl Countdown billboard as Willy has left the group. The band broke up at least once in between 1992 and 1998, since there is a billboard visible in Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories which advertises the band's comeback tour. In Grand Theft Auto IV, the SuperStar franchise in The Triangle, Algonquin includes an illuminated display which flashes "SuperStar, Starring, The Mighty, Love Fist."

During in game dialogue, several secrets are revealed about the band members, lead singer Jezz Torrent apparently used to have sex with sheep, drummer Dick is a huge fan of Duran Duran, guitarist Percy sleeps with bunny pajamas and bassist Willy likes to wear woman's underwear. Jezz Torrent sings about cross-dressing on "Dangerous Bastard" and Tommy accuses the entire band of bisexuality, to which they do not offer a reply.

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

There are several references to Love Fist in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas including a graffiti tag of their name in the Las Venturas gym. They are also seen on a billboard and on a poster during a mission cutscene as seen on these pictures. They are also mentioned on the radio station K-DST when the host says, "What ever happened to Love Fist?"

Grand Theft Auto IV

Grand Theft Auto IV demonstrated that Love Fist also exists in the HD Universe. The SuperStar Cafe in The Triangle has a sign above the entrance that says, "Starring...The Mighty...Love Fist.", Lazlow often mentions the band in Integrity 2.0 and, in the in-game website (For people who literally love fists), there is a notice about how they are in a legal dispute with the Love Fist band over the domain name. A Love Fist poster hangs on the wall inside Bucky Sligo's house.

Grand Theft Auto Online

A Love Fist t-shirt can be bought by the GTA Online Protagonist and Trevor Philips appears wearing the Love Fist muscle shirt in the Series A Funding mission.

Grand Theft Auto V

Band member Willy (spelled Willie in game) appears in a side mission where Trevor must knock out his gold tooth and bring it to a man named Nigel as a souvenir. Willy can be killed in this mission, and if Trevor does kill him, he will say "Oops, sorry Love Fist fans." Its also possible to see the entourage of the band during the mission, one of then being the manager of Love Fist and the other probably the song writer, as he says the he have been "heavily involved with the creative process" of the band. In addition, Trevor is able to buy a black muscle shirt with a Love Fist logo on the front. The shirt can be bought in the same shop where the player can buy the masks. Jezz Torrent is mentioned in Fame or Shame, he apparently went solo and one of his songs is sung by an act. Love Fist is also shown on a GTA V promotional artwork photo, in a woman's t-shirt when she is being arrested by Vasquez.

Prominent Appearances in Missions

Grand Theft Auto: Vice City
Grand Theft Auto V


Several Love Fist songs were actually written and recorded for the game, appearing either on the in-game radio stations or during missions.

  • "Dangerous Bastard"
  • "Fist Fury"
  • "Down Down Down"
  • "Fist Till Morning"

The songs "Dangerous Bastard" and "Fist Fury" are featured on the in-game radio station V-Rock. A full version of "Dangerous Bastard" is also included on the official V-Rock soundtrack album, released as part of the Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Official Soundtrack Box Set. "Down Down Down" and "Fist Till Morning" are not fully featured in the game; a small portion of "Down Down Down" can be heard playing in the background during the opening cutscenes for the missions Love Juice and Publicity Tour, while a small portion of "Fist Till Morning" can be heard during the Love Fist Tour commercial.

In early 2013, Rockstar Games remastered all four tracks and made them available for digital download as part of the Love Fist EP via iTunes and Amazon. Each song can be downloaded from $0.69.[1][2][3] In April 2013, the Love Fist EP was also made available on Spotify, to coincide with the launch of the official GTA Playlists.[4]

Mentioned songs

As well as the four songs actually heard in the game, several other tracks by the band are mentioned.

  • "A Broken Heart Can't Be Mended (Just Broken Again)"
  • "Beast Fist"
  • "Bury Me Deep Inside"
  • "Chin Stainer"
  • "Chin Twister"
  • "Dangerous Man - Dead Family"
  • "Dragon Eyes"
  • "Fallen Stars on Shattered Dreams in the Rain"
  • "Four Boys against Your Face"
  • "Liver Buster"
  • "Satan's Pillows"
  • "The Four Scottish Horsemen of the Apocalypse"
  • "Take It on the Chin"
  • "Zinc Deficiency"


Voice Actors

Jezz Torrent was voiced by Kevin McKidd, Percy by Paul Mackie, Dick by John Ritchie and Willy by Mark Hanlon. Vice City's end credits also list Russell Foreman as Percy and Peter McKay as Dick.


  • The band may have been inspired by '70s British rock group Sweet because the music style and vocals are similar.
  • The album The Number of the Breast is an obvious parody of the Iron Maiden album The Number of the Beast.
  • Love Fist’s appearance and lyrics seem to parody that of 1980s heavy metal bands, specifically hair metal bands such as Poison, L.A. Guns and Warrant.

Song Credits

Fist Till Morning

  • Andy Thomson: drums
  • Mark Farquhar: bass
  • Neil Mchaffie, Trevor McDonald: rhythm guitar
  • Trevor McDonald: lead guitar
  • Paul Mackie, Mark Farquhar, Trevor McDonald, Neil Mchaffie: vocals
  • Written by: Allan Walker
  • Lyrics by: Dr Boogie

Down Down Down

  • Andy Thomson: drums
  • Mark Farquhar: bass
  • Neil Mchaffie, Trevor McDonald: rhythm guitar
  • Trevor McDonald: lead guitar
  • Paul Mackie: vocals
  • Written by: Allan Walker, Paul Mackie, Trevor McDonald
  • Arranged by: Paul Mackie, Trevor McDonald

Dangerous Bastard

  • Andy Thomson: drums
  • Mark Farquhar: bass
  • Neil Mchaffie: rhythm guitar
  • Trevor McDonald: lead guitar
  • Niall Mathewson: guest guitar
  • Paul Mackie: vocals
  • Paul Mackie, Mark Farquhar, Craig Conner, Les Benzies, Colin Donald: backing vocals
  • Written by: Allan Walker
  • Arranged by: Allan Walker, Craig Conner
  • Lyrics by: Allan Walker, Craig Conner

Fist Fury

  • Written by: Allan Walker
  • (Specific performers not credited)




  • During the mission Vinewood Souvenirs - Willy, the band manager mentions that the band members like Yoga and probiotics.
  • The original PS2 version of the Brady Games Official Strategy Guide for San Andreas incorrectly claims that The Gurning Chimps are called Love Fist.
  • Just like King Courtney in GTA3, the band members speak in Scottish slang that is not interpreted in the subtitles. Example: "I've seen braver quines!" in Publicity Tour, but the subtitles interpret it as: "I've seen braver girls!"


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