Loss/Theft Prevention covers Tracker and Full Coverage for your Personal Vehicles in GTA Online. It was first introduced when Simeon Yetarian calls you and suggest that the Online Protagonist should obtain a Personal Vehicle.


It keeps track on what location is your personal vehicle is at by displaying it on the mini-map. The Tracker can be purchased at Los Santos Customs or if you drive the desired vehicle in your garage, it will automatically put a tracker on it. It is recommended that you put full coverage your personal vehicle if your vehicle gets destroyed or impounded by the Police.

Full Coverage

Full Coverage recovers your personal vehicle. You must first purchase a Tracker for your vehicle to unlock Full Coverage. This option will charge you a fee depending on what type of vehicle your currently in. This is located in Loss/Theft Prevention category. If your personal vehicle was destroyed you will be notified by a message saying "Your personal vehicle has been destroyed. You can call Mors Mutual Insurance to make a claim." You will have to call Mors Mutual Insurance to recover your personal vehicles. It will show up on your mini-map once you pay for the fee.

If another online player destroys your personal vehicle, he/she will get a Bad Sport penalty for destroying a player's vehicle and will be forced to pay for the fee instead of the car owner or vice-versa.


  • When your in your garage, you can see if your vehicles are insured or uninsured by pressing the down button on the D-pad.
  • To save some money, you can go to your garage first and it will put a tracker on you vehicle for free and then you can go to Los Santos Customs to put Full Coverage.

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