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This article is about the mission in GTA San Andreas. See here for the cemetery with the same name in Vinewood of the same game.
Sweet: "One of them Ballas that you and Smoke laid out, Little Weasel, is getting buried and all the OGs are gonna be there."
CJ: "At a funeral?"
Sweet: "Yeah, we just catch all those ball-sack-ass-ni**as at one time!"
—Sweet and Carl plan their attack

Los Sepulcros is a mission in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, given to Carl Johnson by his brother Sweet, from Sweet's house in Grove Street, Ganton.

This mission can only be triggered between 9:00 and 17:00.


The Ballas are holding a funeral for Little Weasel (who Carl killed during Doberman), and, according to Sweet, all of the Ballas OG's are going to be there. Carl recruits some gang members to assist them, and they race to the cemetery before the funeral starts. Once there, Sweet and the gang members will hop over the wall and tell Carl that it is clear, so Carl follows. A cutscene will show Kane getting out of his car wearing body armor.

Carl kills Kane and the Ballas protecting him. Once Kane is dead, Sweet, Carl, and the surviving Grove Street Family members drive back to Grove Street.

Mission Objectives

In order to complete the mission the player must:

  • Get those gang members to join you. They respect you enough to provide help.
  • Get in the car with your gang and take them to the funeral.
  • Climb over the wall and approach Sweet and his men.
  • Kill Kane, don't let him get away.
  • Kane's dead! Take out the rest of his men now.
  • Get in the car and drive Sweet back home.

Instructional Messages

Hold RMB to target a gang member and press G or H to recruit him to your group.
The higher the respect you have with a gang the more members you can recruit to your group.
Press H to instruct your gang to stay in position or G to instruct them to follow you.
Holding G or H for a few seconds or moving too far away from them will disband your group.
Get your gang to follow you by pressing G.


The reward for this mission is increase in respect. The mission Reuniting the Families is unlocked if the missions Just Business, Robbing Uncle Sam, House Party, High Stakes, Low Rider, and Gray Imports have been completed.


CJ meets Sweet and his gang members.
Sweet: Carl, whassup, baby brother?
CJ: What's happening?
Sweet: Peep this - Tenpenny just came by. Said that one of the Ballas that you and Smoke laid out, Little Weasel, is getting buried. And all of the OG's gonna be there.
CJ: At a funeral?
Sweet: Yeah, we just catch all those ball-sack-ass-ni**as at one time!
CJ: At a funeral.
Sweet: Just like Momma's. Let's go pop these motherfuckers out. Hey, look, we gotta do something real big. Put Grove Street on the map for good. 4 life!
CJ: A'ight, ni**a. Let's roll.
Sweet: (after the cutscene ends) We're gonna need some allies.
CJ recruits two Grove Street members.
Sweet: We'll go around back of Los Sepulcros and sneak over the wall.
CJ: Kane? Ain't that cat Front Yard royalty?
Sweet: Yeah, so if there's a hint of trouble, he's a no-show.
The gang approaches the cemetary.
Sweet: This is it.
Sweet and the two gang members climb over the wall to the cemetary.
Sweet: OK, CJ, come on over!
CJ climbs over the wall.
Sweet: Y'all take up your positions, and wait for Kane.
The gang waits for Kane as he arrives.
Sweet: Here he comes...
Kane gets out of his car and joins the funeral.
Sweet: Looks like that buster's wearing armor. Might take a round or two to drop his ass. OK, CJ, you take Kane, and we'll take the rest of these fools out.
CJ kills Kane.
Sweet: Nice one, CJ! I'll get us a getaway car, you guys take out the rest of those Ballas!
CJ kills the rest of the Ballas and gets in the car.
Sweet: OK, everybody in, let's roll!
The gang drives back to Grove Street.
Sweet: Man, we was a force back there. Everybody go home, stay low, we ain't see each other all day, copy? I'll catch you later, Carl.


  • Kane - Killed by Carl Johnson on orders of Sweet to deal damage to the Ballas or Sweet during the car chase.
  • Various Ballas gang members - Killed by Carl Johnson on orders of Sweet in order to kill Kane and to deal damage to the Ballas.


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  • If the black Greenwood arrives, and the player kills Kane before reaching the car and killing all the Ballas, upon returning to Grove Street, Sweet will not say anything, and the game will stay stuck in cutscene mode, and the screen will display the text "Kane is making a dash for that car". This can be avoided by killing Kane before he gets in the car or by destroying the Greenwood.
  • If Carl targets Sweet with a weapon before he enters his car, Carl will threaten him as if he were an NPC. After this, Sweet will not enter his car, which will become locked, and the mission will not progress. This can be fixed by reloading the game.
  • If Carl attacks Sweet with a weapon before he enters his car, Sweet will retaliate and shoot Carl until the player recruits the two Grove Street gang members and gets into the car through the right door. Sweet's attack will harm Carl, which is potentially fatal if the player does not recruit the gang members before Sweet can waste the player.


  • The Ballas drive Admirals and Greenwoods in this mission, even though these are not their regular gang vehicles.
  • Sweet refers to Little Weasel as one of the Ballas gangsters that Carl and Big Smoke had laid out. However, Little Weasel was killed in Doberman, which Big Smoke does not appear in. This may indicate that Big Smoke has been due to appear in the previous mission.
  • Los Sepulcros translates from Spanish to "The Burials".
  • If Carl receives a wanted level whilst attacking Kane, a police officer will spawn in the middle of the cemetery, though he does not attempt to arrest Carl.
  • Originally if CJ doesn't have enough respect to recruit the members, Sweet will ask him to attack some Ballas gang members to gain respect. This was later changed so that if CJ doesn't have enough respect, he can't start the mission so the player will have to go killing gang members in free roam. The unused dialogue files can only be accessed by starting this mission via a cheat menu.
  • The name of this mission was also likely to be the name for the cemetery, since a police radio file refers the location.
  • Little Weasel's coffin can only be seen during the mission, after this mission his coffin will disappear, but the hole where it actually is located will still be empty. This is probably an oversight from the game developers.
  • If the player kills one of the recruited Grove Street members, Sweet might shout "CJ, you been hitting Ryder's wet stick?" and the mission will fail.
  • If the player damages Sweet's car enough to make it burn or incinerates it with Molotov Cocktails or Flamethrower, the mission will fail and the message will say "Sweet's car is ablaze and he's too smart to get back in!".
  • The mission failure messages are very unique to this mission, such as: "The job isn't going to be any easier short-handed!", "You wrecked Sweet's car and the job hasn't been done!", "Too late! Kane's in his own neighborhood! It's not safe to continue the pursuit!", "Sweet's been killed! That wasn't part of the plan!", "You've started trouble too early! Kane won't arrive now!" or "The funeral will be over! Kane's going to survive another day!".
  • After Sweet and his men jump over the wall, the player can destroy Sweet's car without failing the mission.

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