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This article (or section) refers to content in the Enhanced version for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC release of Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online that may be absent from other versions.

Los Santos Underground Radio (LS-UR) is a radio station in Grand Theft Auto Online added in the After Hours update on 31 July 2018, and later introduced to Grand Theft Auto V as of the Arena War update. It plays House and techno music.


The station is hosted by an unnamed female continuity announcer who was voiced by Donna Frank, and plays setlists from the DJs featured in After Hours. As each Resident DJ completes their initial one-week residency in the player's Nightclubs, their setlist is added to the game's playlist.



Tracklist for Los Santos Underground Radio[1]


Song: Preview:
"The Plan" by Am$trad Billionaire (2013)
"Natural States (Edit)" by Ara Koufax (2017) Edit not available on Spotify
"In The Car Crash (Headgear 'Always Crashing In The Same Car' Mix)" by Swayzak (2002)
"Bitcoins (Original Mix)" by D. Lynnwood (2018)
"Don't Stop The Dance (Todd Terje Remix)" by Bryan Ferry (2013)
"Madness Of Many" by Denis Horvat (2018)
"Incoherence" [2] by Johannes Brecht (2018)
"Ich Muss Los" by Solomun (2018)
"Monster" by Matthew Dear (2018)
"WRKTRX 3" by Truncate (2017)
"Spin (Original Mix)} by Floorplan (2016)
"The Freaks Come Out (Original 2000 Freak Mix)" by Cevin Fisher (2000)
"You're Mine (Clean Version)" by Chris Lum (2014)
"The Q" by Alex Metric & Ten Ven (2018)
"Customer Is King" by Solomun (2018)
"Planet 9" by Adam Port (2018)
"The End To My Beginning" by Dubfire (2018)
"You Want It Darker (Solomun Remix)" by Leonard Cohen (2016)

Tale Of Us

Song: Preview:
"Overture" by Tale Of Us (2018)
"1911" by Tale Of Us (2018)
"Trevor's Dream" by Tale Of Us (2018)
"Vinewood Blues" by Tale Of Us (2018)
"Anywhere" by Tale Of Us (2018)
"Symphony Of The Night" by Tale Of Us (2018)
"Another World" by Tale Of Us (2018)
"The Portal" by Tale Of Us (2018)
"Solitude" by Tale Of Us (2018)
"Morgan's Fate" Tale Of Us (2018)
"Fisherman's Horizon" by Tale Of Us (2018)
"Myst" by Tale Of Us (2018)
"Seeds" by Tale Of Us (2018)
"Endless Journey" by Tale Of Us (2018)
"Valkyr" by Tale Of Us (2018)
"In Hyrule" by Tale Of Us (2018)
"Disgracelands" by Tale Of Us (2018)
"Heart Of Darkness" by Tale Of Us (2018)


Song: Preview:
"Convergence" by Carl Finlow (2018)
"Yes I Do" by Caravaca (2017)
"The Atmospherian (Tornado Wallace Remix)" by Warp Factor 9 (2017)
"Roman (Bas Ibellini Mix)" by Mashrou' Leila (2015)
"Connection (I-Cube Rework)" by Future Four (2018)
"Quinquerime" by Rite De Passage (1982)
"Electro Pharaoh (Instrumental)" by The Egyptian Lover (2005) Instrumental not available on Spotify
"Telstar" by Marcus L. (2018)
"Bring U Up (Deetron Edit)" by Romanthony (2000)
"5 Seconds" by Solar (2012)
"And Dance" by Sharif Laffrey (2018)
"Sensation (Dub Version)" by Ron Hardy (1985)
"Sharivari (Digital Original Aux 88 Mix)" by AUX 88 (2013)
"OAR03-B" by Oni Ayhun (2009)
"Reach Out Your Hand (Erol Alkan Rework) - GTA Edit" by TCK FT. JG (2018)

The Black Madonna

Song: Preview:
"Sensation" by Ron Hardy (1985)
"Where U At" by Derrick Carter (2002)
"Bugatti" by Tiga (2014)
"Miura" by Metro Area (2002)
"A Jealous Heart Never Rests" by The Black Madonna (2013)
"Beat Box (Diversion 1)" by Art of Noise (1984)
"We Still Believe" by The Black Madonna feat. Jamie Principle (2013)
Not available on Spotify
"Can't Believe" by Nancy Martin (1982)
Not available on Spotify
"Hydraulic Pump Pt. 3" by P-Funk All Stars (1982) Part 3 not available on Spotify
"Computer Madness" by Steve Poindexter (1989)
"Devotion" by Ten City (1987)
"We Can Never Be Apart" by The Black Madonna (2013)
"Steppin' Out" by Joe Jackson (1982)
"He Is The Voice I Hear" by The Black Madonna (2016)


Prominent Appearances in the Storyline




  • "He Is The Voice I Hear" by The Black Madonna appears as the music theme for the Nightclub Owner career path in the Career Builder.


  • This is one of eight radio stations in Grand Theft Auto V and Grand Theft Auto Online that doesn't feature commercials or news breaks, the others being FlyLo FM, WorldWide FM, Soulwax FM, East Los FM, The Lab, iFruit Radio and Music Locker Radio.
  • Due to the length of the station’s name, the full title may not be correctly displayed on certain vehicle radio displays, such as that of the Nero.
  • An audio defect is present on the radio mix of 'Miura' by Metro Area; at around 4:10, the song fades out before quickly fading back in again, likely the result of an incorrect stitch by Rockstar, given the original track nor the Nightclub mix have this defect.
    • This is due to the fact that all mixes of the music are split into three separate files per DJ and are split once again between the radio mix and the Nightclub mix, and the transition between the two files are that are split in between this song is incorrectly programmed, and doesn't hide the fade (as compared to the rest of the mix and the rest of the in-game radio, notably WorldWide FM and FlyLo FM).
    • This was partially fixed in patch 1.52, and now has a much smoother transition.
  • This station has a total of 65 songs, beating Non-Stop-Pop FM for the largest radio station in Grand Theft Auto V, and was the largest in the series until Music Locker Radio was introduced into Grand Theft Auto Online.
  • This station features the same song, Sensation by Ron Hardy, twice, once in Dixon's mix and again in The Black Madonna's mix, although Dixon's mix plays the dub version of the song.
  • This is the first radio station in the series to include licensed tracks that have been featured in previous GTA titles.
  • The song "Hydraulic Pump Pt. 3" by the P-Funk All Stars was sampled in "Flash" by Fix, a song that was featured in Midnight Club 3: Dub Edition, another game published by Rockstar Games.

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