The Los Santos Triad-Duggan Crime Family War is an massive war that occurs during the events of GTA Online: The Diamond Casino & Resort between The Los Santos Triads led by Tao Cheng and The Duggan Crime Family led by Avery Duggan,


Before the war

Before the war, in 2019 the new leader of the Los Santos Triads Tao Cheng buy the newly open Diamond Casino & Resort, seeing this, Avery Duggan and his Family seek to buy the casino but first want to destroy it to reduce proprety value and make them enable to buy everything at rock bottom price.

Tao Cheng disappear right after meeting the GTA Online Protagonist who were made aware of the current situation of the casino and hired by Agatha Baker the General Manager of the casino to save him from The Lost MC.

Start of the war

Right after saving Tao Cheng from the Lost MC, Agatha ask the assistance of the GTA Online Protagonist to protect the casino from the Duggan Crime Family, Avery paid several Hillbillies to go to the casino to start fight against the security and causing a scene.

The Hillbillies paid by Avery Duggan got repelled, however one of them manage to steal the sport car and run over a group of bikers who just arrival at the casino, still they got repelled and the sport car return back to the Casino.

Soon after this incident, The Duggan Family finally agree to meet Tao Cheng accompagnied by Agatha Baker, his Translator and the Protagonist at the Marlowe Vineyards to discuss the buyout of the Casino, however the meeting goes wrong and Avery Duggan send his henchmens to kill them which trigger the war between them and the Triads.

Middle of the war

End of the war

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